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Those damn termites………

Those damn termites………



If you live in the South you should be familiar with termites, Subterranean termites live in the ground and make their way into your home or structure in a manner of ways including the first picture above. Once they are inside they will forage and look for food, that could be the studs in your home or books like the second picture above. Termites are always looking for food and they will eat anything that contains cellulose. Never store books or papers in the garage on the expansion joints or above any crack in the slab. I recommend a yearly inspection for termites and I also suggest that you walk around your home monthly to take a quick glance at the structure.

ProBest Pest Management offers Free Termite Inspections (this offer doesn’t include WDIIR or Wood Destroying Insect Infestation Reports needed to sell your home)

How the bugs get in? Part 1

How the bugs get in? Part 1




This is an everyday occurrence for us here at ProBest Pest Management, the obvious problem is the door threshold and it needs to have a door sweep attached.

Help keep those bugs out of your home, install a door sweep or hey even better we can do it for you. Call and ask us today at 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176, by the way we even have them for garage doors.

Don’t let the sneaky rodents in!

10 Common access points


While many entry points are not obvious, a few are. Let’s look at a quick checklist of the more common ones:


1. Under garage doors; where the door does not meet the concrete pad. Replace the seal.

2. Crawlspace vents; repair or replace if screens are ripped or vents broken.

3. HVAC penetrations; where HVAC refrigeration lines go through the foundation and around the unit itself.

4. Hose bibs; where water line goes through foundation or wall.

5. Under first course of siding; occasionally you’ll find an opening between the sill plate and footer.

6. Door frames; openings between door frame and structure.

7. Plumbing vent cover missing or broken; reinstall or replace.

8. Under entry way doors; adjust or replace door sweep.

9. Wire/cable through wall or foundation; seal around opening.

10. Basement and crawlspace doors; seal all openings.

This information taken from an article in B&G EquipNet Technical Newsletter November 2011 by William H. Robinson, Ph.D

I would also like to state a few others that we all should be aware of:

  • Never stack firewood against the house, it will attract pest including rodents, spiders and ocassional pests.
  • Window screens.
  • Weep holes, screens in place or repaired.
  • No trees touching the home.


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