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Wolf spiders are one of the fastest spiders, at least from my point of view. These arachnids have excellent eyesight and hunt down their prey. They don’t build webs and hunt alone. I have seen some about 2 inches, which is big enough for me. I’m not a BIG fan of spiders in general. These spiders are hairy and when their young are born they climb up on Mom’s back until old enough to fend for themselves. There are about 124 species of Wolf Spiders in the US and range in color from brown to black. They are venomous and usually use the venom to attack their prey, they can bite humans if they feel threatened and may react if squeezed or mishandled. So please wear gloves gardening and working in sheds and garages. Remember spiders eats lot of bugs and are considered good.

So what do you so to prevent running into them:

  • Keep the clutter down, interior and exterior.
  • All screens should be in place.
  • Keep doors sweeps in place, and closed.
  • If you store boxes in attics, open them outside or in garages.
  • Keep bushes, plants away from house.
  • Trees should not touch the house.
  • Cut down on lighting, but if you must have lights use yellow bulbs. This will keep the prey at bay.

Spider webs

Spider webs and spiders

Spider webs are the worst, you’re walking through the woods and boom – spider web. You’re in  crawlspace and boom spider web. You’re in your garage and you are looking for a tool and you encounter a spider web – freaks you out. Yep, been there. Black Widow webs are crinkly and most often in a complete mess in direction. Sometimes you will find a egg sac and sometimes even the mama upside down just hanging out waiting to bite you. (They don’t do that).

Wear gloves ALWAYS when you are doing yard-work or working in garage.

When you’re hiking in the wood carry a stick ahead of you, by the way this also serves as a bear stick – I’m kidding.

Keep your garage area tidy, less chance for spiders to pop up.

Keep doors and windows closed and door trim in place.

Spider webs    Spider webs

What is a pretreat and why do I see termites in garages more often?


A pretreat is done just before the pouring of concrete and is designed to prevent termites from coming up penetrations of the slab of concrete. Post construction treatment is done after a home is built.

I often see termites in garages and have been intrigued as to why they occur in those circumstances rather than inside homes. I have watched homes being built and I think I see the garages being worked on last. Sometimes the concrete is poured in the home and the garage is poured last. I also seem to remember that the pretreat originally was done on the home part and wasn’t redone or even done for the garage. Now I may be wrong but I have seen that and I think this is why I see more issues within the garages rather than inside the home.

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