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Weeds everywhere

Weeds everywhere

Weeds everywhere, this is the time of year early spring and again in the fall. Weed seeds are pushed around by the wind and deposit on lawns everywhere. I’m amazed at the amount of weeds that pop up on my lawn. The trick is to have it sprayed twice a year spring and fall. We use a post emergent (kills the actual plants) and a pre emergent (kills the seeds as they begin to grow). Now its really is important to water the preemergent into or pass the stones. The herbicide needs to get to the soil where the seeds are their transformation into a plant.

I think we all think of Dandelions as a weed, but you can eat some part of the plants and make wine out of the flowers.

Spurge is an obnoxious weeds, similar to puncturevine.

Russian Thistle is a weird type of plant, it has stickers and if you see old west shows its the tumbleweed. The City of Chandler puts up a tumbleweed Christmas tree each year downtown.


There are numerous types and yearly cycles of weed activity. Knowing when they germinate and how they reproduce is helpful of getting rid of them. For example Russian Thistle seeds fall of as they tumble, that is their main way to replicate. So its really important.

Weeds galore

OK so Weeds galore can be a real problem especially with HOA communities. Grasses can be an extra challenge as they will grow anywhere and are persistent in growth. There are two basic types of weeds grasses and broadleaf plants.

Now killing them or preventing them, which do you choose? Depends on how much work you want to put into it. Just a few weeds and you can use a hoe, shovel or you can just pull them. If you have a lot then you need some extra help, give ProBest Pest Management a call at 480-831-9328. The cure to lots of weeds is to have a Professional licensed company. Make sure they use a Post Emergent = kills the weeds present and a Pre-emergent = kills the seeds before they germinate. Now the only issue is large rocks – the pre-emergent needs to get to the soil. So you must water it in, it helps a lot.

Remember if you do it yourself. Always read and follow label directions exactly! Wear Personal Protective Equipment, better to Be Prepared than not!

Funky Caterpillar

Funky Caterpillar artwork

Funky Caterpillar and metal artwork is the new normal for outside decorations, I love some of the new stuff including this Caterpillar. Nice planter and decorative at the same time. Adds a little color to the home and you don’t have to have any real bugs. You know you can always call ProBest Pest Management 480-831-9328 if you see any critters within your home?

I don’t mind these decorations but no sense in living with the bugs. I have seen decorative rock, wire ants and even birds and flowers. What kind of artwork is at your home?

Funky Caterpillar

I’ve got zillions of these bugs, what are they?


False Chinch Bugs


False Chinch bugs are in the Order Hemiptera also known as “true bugs”. False Chinch bugs prefer plants in the Mustard family and especially like London Rocket: a yellow flowered mustard that is very common in our area. Even though they may feed on some landscape plants, False Chinch bugs rarely cause significant damage. Usually the mass migration lasts only one week at most. Prevent entry into houses by making sure screens on windows and patio doors are intact and sealing up other entryways. Homeowners can apply a pesticide around the perimeter of the house to keep the bugs out, but the best approach is to seal them out.

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