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Gophers and the movie Caddy Shack, see link below. One of my all time favorite comedy hits. I still laugh every time that Gopher dances and makes fun of the landscaper. Now that I do rodent control, it isn’t a laughing matter anymore. These varmints eat roots and new shoots and can be quire destructive. So it is important to keep them at bay and stop them from damaging your lawn and plants. Rats and rodents in general continue to grow their teeth and need a way to keep them useable and sharp. They will gnaw on wires, pool equipment and even your vehicle wiring. That by the way can cost a fortune. We are running an special – give us a call at 480-831-9328 and yes we can gas them out. They won’t go away on their own.

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Bill Murray and CaddyShack   Gophers

Your home and Rodents

Your home versus rats and mice

Home checks – always quite handy to keep a check on things, if you notice something unusual check it out and call your Pest Management Professional at 480-831-9328. I’ve advocated for years that you do a monthly check of your house and out buildings. This goes goes for your business as well, never hurts to just take a walk and check things out. Oh and another idea, when the Pest Operator shows up, explain what you think is going on. Always helps to get your perspective on the problems.

  1. Check roof and base of house.
  2. Fill in any holes.
  3. Pick up fruit.
  4. Check weep hole.
  5. Check inside and outside.

home 2014-03-01 12.10.41


Take a guess as to what it is and why I’m showing it?

What is your guess?

Your guess is what? OK this is a cap for a beer keg, it is being gnawed by rodents. I don’t blame them I would do whatever it took to get to the beer as well. So what signs do you look for in an infestation?

  1. Teeth marks (as above).
  2. Holes on outside or inside of buildings.
  3. Trees touching the house.
  4. Feces or a smell of urine.
  5. Rub marks (the have an oily coat so that may transfer to paint or wood).
  6. Damaged goods, especially food products.

Oh and by the way Happy Leap Year….

guess 2015-12-30 14.20.34

beer cap


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