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IPM – the way of the future, why don’t schools get this?


Soapbox time again, I just don’t understand why schools are so reluctant to jump on this. I stopped spraying inside homes years ago, it just isn’t good on the occupants of the home unless there is a real good reason. I have preached about this over the years, but the EPA recently awarded more than $500,000 “to schools to help reduce children’s exposure to pesticides“. It is my opinion that every school should adopt this, period. It is in the best interest of every child and teacher, the use of IPM is simplistic in the game – just use other methods to control pest unless it is impossible and then use pesticides. Go here to read about ideas on IPM from the National Pest Management Association.

The three grants will be awarded to:

The Texas A&M Agrilife Extension to develop a central, internet-based hub for materials and phone apps that will give school districts the information and tools they need to adopt an IPM program.

The University of Arizona to develop and carry out a pilot training and certification program for school staff (custodians, kitchen staff, and school administrators) in eight states and four tribes, working with five other universities and stakeholders.

The Michigan State University to help 5 percent of Michigan and Indiana schools adopt IPM through hands-on education, training and coalition building, including web-based trainings and a website. About 135,000 children may be protected.


What is the Global Pest Market? Part 2

Global – Here is my idea of Green Pest Service

Global – Everything we do starts with Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

  1. We do an inspection, we walk around the home with a webster broom and clean off window and doors of any spider webs. At this time we are doing a cursory exam of the home and property.
  2. We perform an outside service which may include a liquid treatment, granular bait – either a repellent or a bait depending on activity.
  3. We then use a bellows duster to dust block wall bump-outs and crack and crevices which haven’t been sealed. Usually this is a mixture of DE and some type of active formulation dust.

We will treat inside only if there are bug issues within the home and very limited in the scope. (Stored Pantry Pests)

***** Now some would argue that this isn’t a true GREEN service, but we have scorpions and it is almost impossible to kill them all.  So the question is, what if I have never seen a scorpion. Can I get a Green service?


Yes there are many items on the list of Green, just remember that they won’t generally last as long as the other products. Now this isn’t to put blame anywhere but some products we use are micro-encapsulated and hold up better with the sunlight and HEAT in Arizona. So here is the BIGGEST question, does it cost more? Yes and no, yes if you want me to handle any callbacks and no if you don’t. The chemical won’t go the 30, 60 or 90 days that most people want it to last.

Oh by the way, some of these so called Green products – contain pesticides like permethrin. So, really check out what you want and if you have questions send me an email at and maybe I can help you decide on what is right for you and your family. What is the number #! thing you can do = home sealing.

What is the Global Pest Market? Part 1

Global Pest Market

Global Pest Market


Global Pest Control Services Market: Trends and opportunities (2013-2018)“. talks about the growing trend in green type pest control.

My concern is that most people truly don’t understand what makes green GREEN. What is organic and what makes a service green is open to debate. My definition of Green may just be Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and ProBest strives to do this everyday. We promote the use of less pesticide inside, while doing everything we can from the outside – to keep pests out. If you can keep out the pests and keep down their food, this might equal less pests getting into your home or business.

So if you need a Green service – find out what the pest company considers GREEN or better yet check out a GreenPro company :




What does the future hold for bug eating?



What are the seven (7) insects you’ll be eating in the future, check out this story “7 insects You’ll be eating in the future.” by By Marc Lallanilla, Assistant Editor Live Science.

I think most of us have heard about crickets and watched some shows on TV where someone is munching on a few bugs. The world is fast approaching 8 billion people and sooner or later if have to look at alternatives to the food we eat.

So what have you eaten, bug wise anyway? We do sell them at our DIY/Do It Yourself & Post Office.

How tight should your home be sealed?


More and more people and designers of homes are asking this question. The house must be able to breath and allow the flow of some air to go both ways. I work with a company right here in town that deals with Environmental issues daily  Phone: (480)460-8334

Clark Seif Clark Inc. (CSC), and they have been helping clients deal with complex environmental issues for over 16 years. It is not an easy job. Part of their responsibility is to help protect the health and safety of building occupants.

GREENPRO a part of QualityPro, encourages  those firms that seek to demonstrate their commitment to the environment may earn this enhanced certification by meeting additional standards related to risk reduction in pest management. As a pest management provider, GreenPro gives you the opportunity to prove your credentials to customers that are looking for a truly integrated pest management approach to reduce and eliminate their problem.

As a member of GREENPRO we also participate with EPA Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP), Healthy Housing“,
Green Restaurant Association and USGBC LEED Building Certification.

Home- sealing if done correctly can keep those little bugs and critters out of your home. Even restaurants can be sealed to prevent infestations from becoming an all out issue. Businesses can also receive a better review for using GREEN products and services.


Stay tuned for an article next week from Clark Seif Clark on issues relating to how tight should a home be sealed and other great information. * On a side note he mentioned storing products in a garage and when a a/c units come in, does it suck the fumes into the house through door seals etc.

How to use Homepro Spotter and Cleaning Supplies?

 How to use Homepro Spotter and Cleaning Supplies?


HomePro Spotter and our variety of Green Cleaners offers our customers a real choice is keeping your home safe from all the toxins.

Dr. Matt Miller our Chiropractor friend at Miller Chiropractic Center accidentally had a pen leak in his shirt and he quickly remembered the HomePro Spotter and within minutes he had saved his shirt.

Just think what it will do with stains in carpets and rugs. Carpet Cleaning by a Pro – ProBest Carpet Care and ProBest Pest Management. 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176 or order directly through our website



ProBest Pest Management has GREEN options available. is the world’s largest online directory of green, eco-friendly, and holistic goods and services, non-profit organizations and eco-events, serving consumers since 1998.



GreenPeople Directory businesses are reviewed against stringent stringent eco-criteria, examining ingredients, supply sources, organic or other certifications, and the effect the product or service has on the environment. We weed out toxic, or ‘greenwashed’ products or services, resulting in a trusted directory of 20,000 members and growing.



Protect Your Family.
Preserve the Planet.
Eco-Effective Pest Control.

As individuals across the world make great strides to preserve our planet and increase consumer awareness for environmentally responsible initiatives, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) is excited to offer the world’s largest and most credible green certification program for pest management professionals – GreenPro.

The GreenPro certification means that your pest management provider must comply with a multitude of qualifications to ensure that you receive a safe and effective service each time they arrive at your door.




Established in 1994, the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP) is an EPA partnership program that works with the nation’s pesticide-user community to promote Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices.

ProBest Pest Management gold ribbon   Gold membership is reserved for PESP’s outstanding environmental stewards. These members’ demonstrated commitment to pesticide risk reduction makes them models for other PESP members. Gold members may develop an IPM strategy, demonstrate significant and sustained progress in reducing pesticide risks, and independently measure the progress of their IPM implementation.

Total Residential and Commercial Solutions.

Total Residential and Commercial Solutions.


ProBest Pest Management is a service company and our core of service is and always will be – Pest & Termite Control. Why is that important? Well for one thing, it’s what we are good at and it is our expertise. So what other services blend into our core?

Our Services include:(click on link to see more information)

As a service company we are at homes and businesses everyday, so why wouldn’t we get involved with carpet cleaning (we did because of Bed Bugs)? We are frequently on roofs so we decided to investigate Solar Attic Fans, attics are an area we are very familar with. Check out the various links above to see what we can do for you!

Does your Pest Company treat where the bugs live?

Does your Pest Company treat where the bugs live?


A few years ago I received a call from a homeowner frantic about roaches, after my inspection I thought I had found the problem. It was long after I started that I knew I had done the correct job. In the block wall next to the garage wall I dusted the bump out and out came the roaches (100’s) I immediately located the homeowner and pointed out the issue and she was just amazed. I really do believe that I could do all my pest control with just 2 or 3 tools. Here is my secret:

  1. My brain = knowledge of Pest Control and bugs
  2. A hand duster
  3. Some kind of dust (Delta) and DE or Diatomaceous Earth.

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