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EndZone – coming soon – Bye Bye flies.

The EndZone Insecticide Sticker starts to kill filth files in less than one minute after contact, with up to seven months residual action indoors and four months of residual action outdoors, when protected from rain, excess moisture, dirt, dust, and filth. (Video by FMC)

Creepy and gross Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Population on the Rise, creepy and gross?

Bed Bug Population on the Rise WCJB TV-20

I decided to pass this along, for a couple of reasons. Very informative and right from a University setting. Bed Bug complaints are not going away, we continue to see the numbers rise even out here in Arizona. So as you are watching the video, let me point out a few things to pay attention to.

  1. Notice the size of these crawly blood suckers.
  2. Remember these things are almost invisible at early stages.
  3. The eggs are translucent.
  4. They are excellent hiders.
  5. Don’t just think bed, think around the room.


“Sale” Used Mattresses

Used Mattresses “Sale”

Sale OK so I did a search on Craigslist for used mattresses and I found some, yuck! Bed Bugs and God knows what else!

All I have to say is “Don’t Do It!

Money may be tight but sleeping is an important aspect of getting the proper rest you need. This also goes for used furniture of any kind, make sure it is bug free. You just don’t need the problems. The other option is to purchase encasements such as CleanBrands – don’t buy the cheaper versions, as they will tear and then you have nothing. Duct tapes just comes loose and they can hide in the rollback of the tape. If you travel, take care and on the return trip discard everything into the garage and then wash and heat on high. You can also put the luggage out in the Arizona sun especially in the summer. 

Sale Used Mattresses

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