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Hoarding, garbage, stuff & junk with pest control

Are you hoarding?

As we live in our homes we tend to collect stuff.  Hoarding this stuff often winds up taking up way more space then it should. I recently tried getting rid of office stuff and that was hard because you never now when you might need something. So I went through and said if I didn’t touch it for a year, I was throwing it out. Guess what, that’s what I did. Never easy but its got to be done – business or home, take a chance and clean the clutter. It is well worth the time and your home will be safer for all.

Just a reminder the more clutter and hoarding the more chance for pests including roaches and rodents making their home inside your home. I don’t care what anyone says just one mouse is a an issue for your safety and that of your family. So please give us a call if you see a mouse 480-831-9328 or cockroaches.




Words cannot describe some of these shows…

 Words cannot describe some of these shows…


Entertainment is entertainment! Not so, you say! Well how about entertainment is in the eye of the beholder? Some of these shows just border on absurd and I realize that the show must be entertaining but really!

I guess what amazes me the most is that people are willing to go on television and spread their dirty laundry in public. I just couldn’t do it, not for any price – sorry. Shows like “Strange Addiction“, “Addicted“, “Hoarders“, “Billy the Exterminator“, “Call of the Wildman” and “Honey Boo Boo” concern me and prove to me either that people are willing to do anything for money or just don’t care what people may be thinking about them. To me these shows are reminiscent of “Jerry Springer” genre and only prove that we will demoralize our culture to absurd-om.

In my opinion these shows are not entertaining, these shows are ridiculing and mean spirited to the so called stars.. I prefer to watch shows that are informative and educational rather than shows that debase their stars…

Come on – what say you? Comments… (by the way I was called by two of the shows in this genre and chose not to participate).

The Battle Wages ON against Bed Bugs…

The Battle Wages ON against Bed Bugs…


The EPA, CDC,  USDA and ProBest Pest Management all agree that bed bugs are a public health pest.  Many have experienced the lawsuits, legislation, and desperation that these insects can cause.

Know your enemy.  Several years into their resurgence and bed bugs are showing no signs of retreat.  There is no magic bullet, no quick fix.  But there are effective weapons and IPM strategies that can defeat this pest. Clutter gives these critters the hiding places they need to survive and sanitation is the key to a successful treatment protocol.

This. Means. War.


There are many options available these days to the Pest Management Professional, (such as the Verifi monitoring and detection device) so please don’t panic and consider your options when choosing a professional to handle your Bed Bug issues.

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