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Why do honeybees make our homes, theirs?

DSC07157 Honeybees will take every opportunity to make any place a home.  These bees decided on this chimney fireplace. Seldom if ever used, they found a crack and decided it was big enough to start a colony.

This was actually a bigger issue than usual, this entry point led into an open ceiling area. If this had not be noticed and months or even years had gone by, the buildup of honey and wax could lead to significant melting later.

Always important to conduct monthly checks of your home or business and don’t forget to look up.

Sometimes it is and isn’t honeybees?

Not sure exactly what is going on but at first thought that the bees had found a way into the home by way of a crack or space in the light fixture.

Next morning no bees at all, so maybe they were distracted by the light at night and couldn’t find the rest of the swarm.

When in doubt, check it out and call a Pest Management Professional

Photo by Zacc Cooley

Photo by Zacc Cooley

Does your Pest Company report on conducive conditions at your home?


Part of doing pest control involves me walking around your property and doing a cursory check of the things I see.






So when I see a condition that could cause further issues I want to bring it to the attention of the homeowner. The issue above could cause further problems down the road by leaking into the home or by causing the roof to really leak especially with the monsoons we are experiencing these days. So the question is really an easy one – “Why keep a company that doesn’t care about you or your family?” Call ProBest Pest Management we will inform you on conditions that can cause potential issues – call us today at 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176 and thanks.

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