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Bumpin Bees!

Bumpin Bees!


OK so you think the writer has finally lost his marbles, but wrong you would bee. I was talking to a customer today in my office and he has worked around some bees at his home for years, they live in a block wall on his property. Every once in awhile one bee might actually sting someone but for the most part, he is OK with them and they must be OK with him. Africanized Bees will tolerate humans but you must respect them as well. Noise or vibration can and will trigger them to stingĀ  and depending on their time at that location they have become accustomed to the noise around that home. I have heard of people hiking the desert and getting bumped by bees, it is a sign that you might be to close to their hive.

Aggressive behavior begins as bees pelting (physically bumping) a perceived threat (including humans) and may escalate to stinging should the perceived threat (including humans) persist. National Park Service Africanized Honeybee Fact Sheet

Don’t panic when you see bees, they may be catching a drink from a pond or gathering nectar. Just always be aware of your surroundings and be ready to react.

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