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Liberty Wildlife – Hummingbirds


Liberty Wildlife is committed to nurturing the nature of Arizona by providing quality wildlife rehabilitation, environmental education, and conservation services for the community.

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From time to time even the smallest need a helping hand, we assist Liberty with an ongoing rodent issue and fly control. How about making a donation to Liberty to help the cause.

Ahhhhhh the surprises ahead, at least for Momma Duck?

Ahhhhhh the surprises ahead, at least for Momma Duck?


Thanks to Sharon for providing this picture, someone is in for a huge surprise. This is going to be one long sit for Momma Duck. How long do you think it will be before she realizes that are all going to hatch?

Update on our little ducklings – Hi Keith, I’m happy to report foster Mallard mom and babies are doing well! The babies all huddle under her wings…..I’m sure we’ll have pictures in the home seal this week….I’ll forward it to you.  Sharon

Ducklings in the pool, oh nooooooo…

Ducklings in the pool, oh nooooooo…

First off, did you know ducklings can swim – I mean underwater and they are good at it? Mom must have set up a nest in the enclosed backyard (block wall) and then the ducklings became trapped. My plan was full-proof, catch the mother and then the ducklings – that didn’t work as I had planned it. Mom was way faster that me, period. Then to plan B, set large animal trap with ducklings inside within a box and hope mother duck comes to the rescue. No go on this one either, we finally had to move the ducklings to Liberty Wildlife where a surrogate mother duck took over.

Can ducklings live in a pool? All the data I see  is no. First, there are no fish, plants…and second, chlorine is toxic, even for us, so more so for birds.


Liberty Wildlife Rehab Center Update

Liberty Wildlife Rehab Center Update

Liberty Wildlife envisions a time when wildlife is recognized as an integral part of our natural world, and a precious natural resource, to be protected and preserved.

Liberty Wildlife envisions being a permanent community resource, a place to instill compassion and stewardship in young minds and a place to reconnect the public with the beauty and benefits of native wildlife and habitat.

Wildlife-Related Emergencies —-480-998-5550


At Liberty Wildlife volunteers are always needed, and a variety of volunteer opportunities are available. Time commitments vary, but usually involve three to four hours once a week. Training and support are provided. People who love wildlife and care about the environment find it a thrilling experience to work around these magnificent wild animals.

While Liberty Wildlife accepts mammals and reptiles, most of the work is avian rehabilitation. This includes birds of prey, water fowl, and songbirds native to Arizona.

People interested in volunteering must be 18 years of age or older. You must have reliable transportation and be able to commit to being on time for assignments. The feeding and cleaning, medical services, education, and facility maintenance positions are physically demanding.

ProBest has donated our services over the past year because it is just the right thing to do and we can help. Without proper pest protocols pest populations such as rodents and cockroaches can build up and possibly take over. So if you can help I think they would appreciate whatever you can do.


Joe (Liberty Wildlife volunteer), Aurora (Bald Eagle) and Dr. Bug

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