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Recent question on Pest Control… Carpet Beetles

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One of the high lights of my career is when I’m asked to identify a bug, to each his own but I enjoy that part of the job. A guy pops into our office with this little critter and its up to me to identify and possible deduce where it came from and out to control it.

So here are the clues – its a larva, usually they do the damage. Notice the hairs, its important. How about those hairs on the end, its really important. So did you guess right – its a carpet beetle larva. The hairs on the end or butt are the extremely important clue, hope you did well but if you didn’t you always have me.

Send me a picture to

Do me a favor don’t smooosh it to bad, it makes it difficult when they are way bigger than normal.

So what is that bug – free service from ProBest Pest Management?


Have you ever found a bug in your home or business and wondered what is it? You probably panicked and thought oh no not ———-?  Well not to worry, send me a picture. I’m sure that we can figure out what it is. There are millions of bugs out there, but if I don’t know what it is, I can find somebody that does. The key to this, is that you have to take a clear picture. If you don’t have access to a good camera or phone camera, just send it by mail (make sure not to squish it). I have access to a microscope which attaches to my computer and can really zoom in and provide some great close shots.


Please send it to or 425 W. Guadalupe Road #110, Gilbert, AZ 85233


Please be sure to give me you name, address, phone and address so I can make sure to inform you of the bugs identity.

Cooperate with Bed Bug Professionals

Taken from Florida Pest Pro magazine ( I want to thank them for great and informative articles)


  1. Save Bed Bugs in a zip locked bag for Pest Management Professional to identify.
  2. Reduce clutter.
  3. Dry clothes an bedding in a dryer on high heat.
  4. Use mattress & box springs encasements.
  5. Use interceptor type-traps and/or monitoring detection (Verifi™) devices.

bugProBest does!

What is it?

What is it?


You know how this works, someone sends you something to look at and identify and it is almost impossible to figure out what it might be? So take a look and help me identify what you think these are. Comment below and give me a hand, please!

The answer tomorrow….

Arizona – No frost, no ice and no snow = bigger, badder bugs!

Arizona – No frost, no ice and no snow = bigger, badder bugs!

I absolutely love living in the south, warmer temperatures and no shoveling snow or slipping on the ice. I did grow up in Ohio and was fortunate enough to have a Cub Cadet lawnmower snow plow to help me avoid work. Yes it’s hotter than hell here in Arizona during the summer months but gladly I will endure the HEAT versus the cold and snow. The best thing for a bug guy is that the bugs seldom die and this year we didn’t have any real cold and frigid weather to speak of.

So guess what, yep the bugs are going to be out if force this year. So what does that mean for the average homeowner? The crickets and feeder bugs, you know the kind of bugs that scorpions love to eat – are going to be huge… Bark Scorpions eat small insects, spiders and sometimes other scorpions depending on conditions. They feed at night and often hang out on retaining or block walls which hold the Arizona heat. The idea here is to identify, reduce the numbers and where they live, stop them from getting in and pesticides if needed.

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