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Have you ever tried DIY for German Roaches?

The biggest issue I have with DIY (Do It Yourself) pest control is that most people don’t understand bugs. If you have the knowledge then you can deal with the pest. Same reason I don’t replace my own brakes on my vehicle. I don’t have a clue and frankly I don’t want to know. But let me tell you, I know bugs.

You know those cockroach stations that you just throw into the kitchen or bathroom cabinet, they might work if you get them close enough. But most people just toss them into the cabinet and that isn’t very helpful. Yes some roaches will find the stuff but if you place them near the source, it will work better.

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So how would you control these roaches if the bait wasn’t close by, it’s far easier to just call a Pest Management Professional. 480-831-9328

What is an IGR – Insect growth regulator?


These are products or materials that interrupt (break) or inhibit the life cycle of a immature pests. These products are often used with liquid sprays for restaurants (cockroaches) or for (flea) infestations in homes.



This isn’t the best picture but notice the German roach with curled wings, this is an indication that this roach came in contact with an IGR. Some IGR’s make the insect a darker color while others stop them from molting (shedding their exoskeleton) or reproducing.


Pets versus Pests…

     Pets versus Pests…

I think I speak for many of us with our fondness of our pets, Americans love their pets and cats have recently overtaken dogs in popularity. I have two dogs Lilly my Beagle and Gracie my Beagle Corgie mix (I think).

What kind of pests can attack our pets? Fleas, ticks are just a few, so what can we do to protect our beloved pets? Many people use those products that are put onto the pets, the pests bite and die from the pesticide. I prefer the ones with an IGR or Insect Growth Regulator which inhibits the growth of the flea or tick.

 Remember that on any trips to the desert or even to the dog park, your pets can pick up ticks or fleas. The other way the pests may get at your pets is from traveling critters such as squirrels, raccoons or skunks or maybe feral cats getting into your yards.

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