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Cockroach invader new to NYC.


A species native to Asia has been located in Manhatten, New York, found by a Pest Control Operator. This species can also acclimate itself to colder weather, “Cold-tolerate cockroach from Asia found in NY“.

I’ve mentioned before “Insect and Mammal Invasive Species“, “Those Darn Illegals” and “The spread of Black Rats“.

The spread of non-native insects or plants can really cause major issues, justy look at those Quagga and Zebra  mussel.


Photo by Arizona Game & Fish


Those darn illegals…

Illegals – Not the ones you were thinking about, was it. Yep I’m talking about those invasive pests that try to attack our citrus trees and other crops. Invasive species can be anything that wasn’t here before, from bugs like red Imported Fire Ants to plants such as that Russian Thistle – that stuff than tumbles in the wind, often called Tumbleweeds. ¬†“Bug traps, quarantine used to prevent costly citrus bug outbreak” by by Anna Consie/Cronkite News.

Everyone should be vigilant in transporting plants, plant products or anything related to plants. Don’t move plants, bushes or trees across state borders! Be especially watchful when boating, these little hitchhikers can really block waterways.


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