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Pest on the move, how do we stop them?


Think about this, how did Hawaii get any pests or wildlife? What are some key obstacles in bugs or wildlife getting to an island? Those ships that started stopping by Hawaii brought many of the pests that they see daily. The Hawaiian government is working hard to stop some recent newcomers including the Coffee Cherry Borer and Little Fire Ant. Is there a way to stop them, probably not but maybe we can slow the destruction.

Hawaii lawmakers weigh killing invasive insects.” This isn’t the first invasive critter to hit the shores of Hawaii, rodents and termites can be seen daily throughout the islands. The key is to stay ahead of the insect if possible, isolate and determine if quarantine can work.


I’m sure I’m checking out some bug.


Border Agents stop another bug from entering USA


I don’t know how these agents do there jobs, can you imagine stiffing through tons and tons of stuff entering the USA daily. Each and every day these agents sort through trailers, box cars and of course just regular folks entering our borders. did an excellent “Feds find dangerous pest in basil shipment at San Francisco International airport“.

The east coast of the U.S. has encountered a similar stink bug and it is causing some real issues, damaging gardens and getting into homes. So it is very important to continue to stop these pests before they become a real big issue.

So again my hat’s off to the dedicated agents U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agriculture Stations across the USA.

Cockroach invader new to NYC.


A species native to Asia has been located in Manhatten, New York, found by a Pest Control Operator. This species can also acclimate itself to colder weather, “Cold-tolerate cockroach from Asia found in NY“.

I’ve mentioned before “Insect and Mammal Invasive Species“, “Those Darn Illegals” and “The spread of Black Rats“.

The spread of non-native insects or plants can really cause major issues, justy look at those Quagga and Zebra  mussel.


Photo by Arizona Game & Fish

Watch out Spiderman – the Brown Widow is on the move!

Watch out Spiderman – the Brown Widow is on the move!


For some time now the Brown Widow spider has been making its way across the U.S. and taking over the area of their cousins the Black Widow spiders. The University of California Riverside has put together some handy (pun intended) OK don’t be putting your hands in any hidden areas – widows live out of the way in hiding places, at their website for Invasive Species. Please check their site for some very informative and useful information.

Courtesy of UC Riverside

The bite of a brown widow spider is minor in comparison to that of a black widow, but it continues on with some rather weird facts…


Those darn illegals…

Illegals – Not the ones you were thinking about, was it. Yep I’m talking about those invasive pests that try to attack our citrus trees and other crops. Invasive species can be anything that wasn’t here before, from bugs like red Imported Fire Ants to plants such as that Russian Thistle – that stuff than tumbles in the wind, often called Tumbleweeds. ¬†“Bug traps, quarantine used to prevent costly citrus bug outbreak” by by Anna Consie/Cronkite News.

Everyone should be vigilant in transporting plants, plant products or anything related to plants. Don’t move plants, bushes or trees across state borders! Be especially watchful when boating, these little hitchhikers can really block waterways.


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