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Genealogy & Pest Control

Pest Management Professional Magazine recently did an article in their “After Hours” section called “Connecting genealogy and pest management” by Dan Jacobs and I wanted to say thanks. I also want to share with you one of my hobbies, which I enjoy when I have time that is. I also love to hike but not in the heat or in the summer here in Arizona. Sometimes it is just great to get out into a wooden area and see what is happening. This hobby is related to my Scouting career. A few of my FaceBook friends enjoy camping, hiking and vacationing and I really enjoy their posting of their activities. The 2 pictures below are 2 of  my (25) Eagle Scouts when I was in Florida. Scouting builds character!

Within the last few months:

Ann & Joe went camping in Michigan

Jason hiked part of the AT Trail (Appalachian Trail) which he does almost every summer with friends. I have hiked sections of the AT a few times with my Scouts. Jason is the one in the back.







Jason M. participated as a Counselor at a summer camp

Frank & Shelly went to the beach

and this one was beyond belief – Chris ran 100 miles through the Sahara Desert – Marathon Des Sables.








Winner, winner – Keith V. Birkemeyer hey I won something!

FMC Awards Seven Trips to Legislative Day 2014


Seven pest management professionals are D.C.-bound after being chosen to win a free trip to NPMA’s Legislative Day 2014, courtesy of FMC Corporation.

| November 20, 2013

PHILADELPHIA – Seven pest management professionals are D.C.-bound after being chosen to win a free trip to NPMA’s Legislative Day 2014, courtesy of FMC Corporation. Entries were collected online and during PestWorld 2013 in Phoenix, with the winners drawn randomly at PestWorld by NPMA Executive Vice President Bob Rosenberg. The winners will receive airfare, registration and a two-night hotel stay. They are:
•    Rodney Allman, Envirosafe, Belmont, NC
•    Keith Birkemeyer, ProBest Pest Management, Gilbert, AZ
•    Dan Bradbury, Viking Pest Control, Bound Brook, NJ 
•    Roger Graham, Arrow Exterminators, Broken Arrow, OK
•    Doug Lardner, Doug the Bug Termite & Pest Control, Clearwater, FL
•    Tim Leatherman, Perfect Pest Control, Union, KY 
•    Lawrence Plecha, Biotec of NM Inc., Albuquerque, NM

“There is no better way to support our industry than to attend Legislative Day,” said Bethwyn Todd, FMC. “We congratulate the winners and look forward to joining them in D.C., as we work together to address the issues impacting pest management professionals.”

NPMA’s Legislative Day provides an annual opportunity for pest management professionals to speak to federal lawmakers on the issues affecting the industry. According to NPMA, many lawmakers presiding over committees that directly affect pest management are new to Congress so next year’s event will provide a great opportunity to forge new relationships and influence future legislation. In 2013, more than 400 pest management professionals attended. Legislative Day 2014 will be held March 9-11, 2014 at the Capital Hilton in Washington, D.C. Find information at

I don’t generally win but I was amazed and thankful, this should be a very interesting and rewarding trip. Thank you FMC and Pest Control Technology, oh and congrats to the others.

Eagle Scout Court of Honor


Congratulations to Christy Davie’s (Univar USA, Inc) son Kyle on his achievement of Eagle Scout. I have worked with Kyle on numerous fundraisers and took a part in his Eagle Scout project. I attended his Court of Honor and was reminded of mine many years ago.

A few things stand out about the ceremony, it was done by the Scouts with some interaction of the Leaders and it was well thought out. One part of it that I had never seen before was a short back and forth by 2 Scouts on what he did in his years with Troop 77. Freeze Dried food was mentioned more than once and I can certainly understand from my days (that stuff was terrible back then, maybe it still is).

probestpestmanagementDSC06570     probestpestmanagementDSC06587

Seminar of Socialnomics with Eric Qualman


I have to say I was greatly impressed with Eric Qualman @EQualman yesterday at the JP Morgan Chase Business Insight seminar series. The seminar was on mobile and social marketing, and since I’m really big in FaceBook and Twitter I thought it would be a great event to learn more especially about mobile marketing.

Here are just a few things he mentioned and I highly recommend you attend his seminar if you have a chance or purchase his book. Also want to thank Chase (Tanya De La Cruz) for the invite for the presentation, check them out at ChaseBis or ChaseSmallBiz

90% of people trust peer reviews

14% trust media

I will share a really funny story (by way of youtube) that he shared with us reference a man who flew on an airline and his guitar was damaged. The airline didn’t think it was their responsibility to pay for the damage, with social media there are always ways to get your point across. There are more cameras in place and with more social interaction today, there are always ways to spread good or bad news. So have you ever been happy or mad enough to possibly do your own video?

Bugs fear him and homeowner’s (OK maybe like him)

I saw these huge fly swatters the other day at a store and couldn’t help buying one, if your problem requires the use of something this BIG then you need to amke one call. That call would be to ProBest Pest Management 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176.



There are some things you can do on your own, but take caution on termites, bed bugs and Africanized Honeybees.

It’s time for a real change!

It’s time for a real change!


I don’t talk politics in my home seal and for good reason, cause it’s never good and by the way these are my views. But since today in the day after I thought it would be nice to kick off my new campaign. So I came up with a few ideas and I think they could work so I’ve decided to run for President of the United States in 2016. (By the way I need the extra time to gather up that money to run). So here are a few of my ideas:

OK this first one isn’t part of the grand scheme but rightly so it just irks me to no end:

  • All public bathroom doors would push out, nothing ticks me off than the guy before me not washing his hands..

Now to the important issues

  1. The original Constitution and Bill of Rights was and is perfect, all men (that means women = everybody) are created equal,  plain and simple – no amendments so get rid of them.
  2. Abolish the IRS – taxes collected by businesses in States, States take their money, rest is forwarded to Federal. Business neglects to collect, they pay the penalty, 3rd time they are shut down.
  3. Flat tax, except on food and prescription drugs (ONLY) no other exceptions. Everybody pays the same – you buy a 1M boat you pay tax, you buy a speedboat you pay tax.
  4. Tort reform – stupid lawsuits have got to stop. Judge decides and if found stupid the originator pays court cost.
  5. Term Limits – 2 City, 2 State, 2 Federal Government and 2 terms for President of the U.S.
  6. Congress shall pass no law in regards to themselves, any law regarding Congress will be voted on at the same time as a Presidential election.

My friend added a few more to FaceBook about “Five Things to Help End Partisan Brinkmanship” John R Grizz Deal

I’m Keith V. Birkemeyer and I approve this message… Agree or disagree, tell me why! Everybody gets a riled up at election time and some get really upset even to the point of madness and I’ll tell you I’m on FaceBook and there were friendships lost over this. Stay informed and vote. By the way I’ll only run once and serve only 4 years, PROMISE!!!! I’ll also use a gimmick from the “Click and Clack – the Tappet Brothers from NPR” please send suggestions on a $100 bill to my attention – OK I’m really not going to run – to many headaches but lets have some fun anyway…

Ethics are Excellent Standards for Life…

I was talking talking recently to a Mother of a soon to be Eagle Scout and we got into the discussion just how much parents play a part in this achievement. I can assure you that I don’t think I ever would have made it without my Mom’s helping, (THANKS MOM) whether driving me to a meeting or camping trips. Parents often play a major role in sports, school and other events so it’s no wonder that they also play a vital role in Scouting.

So Thanks to all the volunteers, Mom’s and Dad’s, Uncles and Aunts and to all those you get involved in the daily lives of young men and women. Through your support Scouting works!

By the way ProBest Pest Management has two Eagle Scouts – Lead Technician Seth Dodge and the Owner – Keith V. Birkemeyer.

New Mexico Pest Management Continuing Education Tour

What’s a tech to do; everybody is seeing Bed Bugs…
 Delusional Parasitosis!

Yours truly was asked to participate again with the New Mexico Pest Management continuing education tour, this event is held each year and are held in Las Cruces, Roswell and Albuquerque. I really enjoy this event and have asked over the years for a spot in the program. I started attending this event probably 10 years ago and had the opportunity to speak and I love the crowd and the electricity that flows from the participants.

One of the things I like most about the event is that I focus on items that a technician can relate to, most have seen the biology and control aspects of the bugs unless they are new to the pest industry. So I focus on what they can do to help their customers and themselves, stay tuned and maybe I’ll have some pictures of this event.


–    What’s the hype? Hysteria!

  • Is it Bed Bugs, mites, fleas or ticks or is it Delusional Parasitosis?

–    Customer Service.

–    What procedure does your company have?

–    How do you discuss options and findings?

–    How do you cover yourself and your company from the CREEP FACTOR?

–    OPEN discussion ———

Unique artwork – right up my alley – Bugs

Unique artwork – right up my alley – Bugs


Your unforgettable Sedona experience must include spending time at internationally renowned Tlaquepaque (pronounced Tla-keh-pah-keh), Sedona Arizona’s Arts & Crafts Village. I love to visit this quaint artistic place off the side of the road in Sedona. Each time I visit I must stop by Rod Bearcloud Berry’s Gallery and you to should check out the art at If this piece (Gadomski) is still there on my next visit I think I may have to purchase it, it represents transformation.

Check out BearCloud Gallery – his paintings are unique and amazing.

Professional Speaker – Pest Control Expert

Professional Speaker – Pest Expert

Does your organization need a Professional Expert to talk before your group, our resident expert Dr. Bug aka Keith V. Birkemeyer is an expert on bugs and critters of all kinds! ProBest can tailor a pest program or service on whatever your group may desire.

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