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ProBest Pest Management Awarded Best of 2012 on Kudzu


ProBest Pest Management Awarded Best of 2012 on Kudzu

Voted by Kudzu users as a top company in Gilbert Pest & Animal Control

Gilbert, AZ – Dec. 23, 2012 – ProBest Pest Management was named a Best of 2012 winner in Gilbert Pest & Animal Control on Kudzu, the leading source of local business information and consumer reviews. Over 5 million businesses competed across 30 categories, and winners were awarded based on the highest number of votes received on

Over 80+ customers have reviewed ProBest Pest Management

“Keith V. Birkemeyer aka “Dr. Bug” is very pleased with this award, it honors our commitment to customer service. We are proud to be among the most highly regarded and trusted Pest & Animal Control companies in Gilbert.  Winning this award from Kudzu only strengthens our commitment and excellence of service to our customers.”

“Consumers value companies who appreciate their business and provide superior service. We wanted to create an open forum where the best companies could be recognized by Kudzu users,” said Fran Wills, General Manager of Kudzu.

For a full list of Best of 2012 winners, visit:

About ProBest Pest Management
Bugs are a reality of life. But when they show up in your home, they can make life for you and your family uncomfortable, even potentially hazardous.  For 30+ years ProBest Pest Management has been specializing in diagnosing and treating your home. All of our services are customized for your comfort and protection. Buying or selling your home call ProBest for a Wood Infestation Report. Call 480-831-9328 /602-759-8173 /or 623-414-0176 or check our website at and our home seal at seal for everything to know about bugs in Arizona.


About Kudzu:

Kudzu helps consumers research and evaluate services and choose highly rated  providers in their area. features expert videos, business profiles, consumer reviews and 30,500 money-saving deals for homeowners in every major U.S. city. is owned by Cox Search Inc., a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, a leading communications, media and automotive services company. Cox’s businesses include Cox Communications, Manheim, and Cox Media Group. For more information, visit




Have you seen the commercial on TV where the lady is talking bout believing everything she reads or sees on the internet (how could you not trust the World Wide Web). Not everything is fact, period. So with all that said how and what do you trust.

  1. Referrals – ask your friends, neighbors and the people you trust.
  2. Seek out information on the internet but verify it at various sources.

It’s us versus them, what an I talking about?

It’s us versus them, what an I talking about?

You know the old adage, “you get what you pay for.” I quoted a termite job this week at $795 and they had a bid for $315 – why the BIG difference.

  • I was quoting a Premium Termiticide not just some cheap crap!
  • There is no one that does a better quality job than ProBest!
  • ProBest belongs to several higher standards – ie; QualityPro (QualityPro Schools, QualityPro Food Protection and QualityPro – GreenPro. ProBest is also an industry  member of the National Pest Management Association and Arizona Pest Professional Organization. ProBest also is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce of Gilbert. ProBest also has reviews all over the web, Kudzu, MerchantCircle and Manta. We also have background checked all employees yearly since 2008 through Crime Free Circle – providing you with peace of mind.
  • No person or company is perfect but we put ourselves out there to prove and help you make an intelligent opinion about our service. We may make mistakes but we endeavor to make it right.

When is that good deal not such a good deal?

When is that good deal not such a good deal?

From time to time I hear about those great deals, which all of us probably run into. Last week I got another one of those flyers in the mail on carpet cleaning – “Any size room steam cleaned & deodorized $4.95” of course then the fine print – 2 room minimum, heavily soils carpet will require preconditioning. Oh and don’t forget travel charge applies to all areas.

Come on who are they kidding? By the time you add in all those hidden fees, it could (and probably is)  the same as a reputable Better Business Bureau company. By the way I also decided to do as search for their company at the BBB and it appears that there is an Alert on this company.

Its the same with pest control companies, I’m often amazed at the discrepancy of pricing and I ran into one this weekend. 4000 – 5000 square foot home, 4 bedrooms with a living room with Bed Bugs. My price started at $1250 and the other quoted price was $550. Bed Bugs are a serious and time consuming treatment protocol and this job would take take us most of the day to complete. I can understand shopping for the best price but lets consider some other factors?

  1. What are the protocols? We issue a prep sheet which must be followed.
  2. What are they using? We use Steam, with a dust material put into crack & crevices and wall voids and Phantom liquid spray around baseboards.
  3. How long will they be there, estimate? For this size home probably 6 – 8 hours.
  4. How long has this business been in business? 30+ years
  5. Do they have reviews by BBB, Kudzu, MerchantCircle or anyone else? No complaints and plenty of reviews.
  6. Are they licensed and insured? Office of Pest Management #8411 and we carry General Liability, Auto and Workman’s Compensation
  7. Are they member so of Crimshield? CrimeFreeCircle Yes, since 2008.

Do you understand Customer Service?

Do you understand Customer Service?


Everyday I encounter people and everyday I understand the importance of customer service, why you ask? Because today I might just meet that one person who will buy from me. Everybody who works at ProBest Pest Management and our Contract U.S. Post Office understands this and that is why from the moment they walk in our door we are as friendly as possible. The absolute main reason is who would want to do business with a Grouch or Grinch? I have walked out of places where I felt the person was having a very bad day and I didn’t want to be a part of this.

Now I truly understand that you can’t make everybody happy all the time and maybe they are having a bad day for a good reason. But we all can help to brighten their day. ProBest is very fortunate to have the BEST employees and that is very obvious when you read the ratings and reviews we get. Check out the reviews below and add some if you would like.

A+ rating

Why don’t you “Do It Yourself” pest control?

Why don’t you “Do It Yourself” pest control?

OK I’m going to tell you my secret to pest control, wait for it, wait – You have to know your bug! Anybody can spray, anybody can use a compressed sprayer and anybody can throw granules out and about. But that isn’t how it happens, the bugs just don’t walk about like you and I. They hide and frankly they are very good at it. I’ve used this analogy often – I take my fleet of trucks to BrakeMaster’s, the reason I do that is because I don’t think I’m good enough at changing my brakes and I want to stop at your home. Yes I could change my own oil but why, I could have done a termite job and had more fun. Some people are into cars or music, but I’m into bugs and I’m damn good at what I do! I love what I do and everyday is exciting and different. Whether I’m investigating where the Bed Bugs are hiding or how the Roof rats got into the house. There are people are there that have spent years in college and are good at their profession just like me – 20 years at interpreting clues and signs and that is the real reason you should call ProBest Pest Management. I’m different and there is no doubt about it, I have a Post office and Zoo at my place. I love to talk with groups like the classes I teach at Chandler Environmental Center at Veterans Oasis Park and frequently host Merit Badge classes.

Honestly isn’t that someone you would rather take care of those bug issues for you, maybe that honey do list will be done once or twice and then forgotten. Not with ProBest, we will put you on a revolving schedule – we won’t forget! Does your significant other really understand those bugs, Dr. Bug does and he love what he does.

So please just make that simple call to ProBest Pest Management at 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176. Do what you are good at and let ProBest handle those ugly littler bugs. It’s what we do every day. Bugs don’t like us but just check out our reviews on at – 75+ people love us won’t you? By the way we do more than bugs – we do customer service and we love it.

By the way I’m Keith V. Birkemeyer and I approve this message…..

Social media hi-lights…

Social media hi-lights…


I really found this interesting at a meeting last week on Social Media and they mentioned this Youtube video, watch and see what you think. Any Comments?

Marketing ideas, advertising and directories! Pt 3 Pest Control Ideas…

Marketing ideas, advertising and directories! Pt 3 Pest Control Ideas…

Way back in January 2008 we were notified by the Gilbert Post Office that they were looking for businesses that would like to put a Post Office in their business location. We had to have approximately 150 square feet of space and we would have to supply the postage upfront. On average we would have 2 maybe 3 people a year come to our office to pay their pest bill. I would say now we are having 100 to 150 per day coming to the office. We greet them by saying Hi when they walk in the door and we do everything in our power to be as friendly as possible – if they have  a great experience they will continue to buy from us.

We also have upgraded our presence on the web, Bryan updated our webpage (great job) and we upgraded our exposure with this site allows anyone to do a review of our service or you can get there from our site at  People trust and feel better knowing that other customers like our service. We also have a presence on

I home seal everyday seal and I try to pass along relative information from Bed Bugs to the Zoo in Jacksonville, Fl. A BIG THANK YOU goes out to our customers who continue to use our Pest Services, thank you for your support.


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