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Bugs are bugs, right?


Arizona Vegetable IPM Update “Aphid Identification, lettuce dieback, wheat herbicide sensitivity“. By John Palumbo, UA Research Scientist and Extension Specialist. (Western Farm Press) He’s got a point and in the business of bugs a very important point –

This is where the accuracy part comes in. Just because you can find a few winged aphids on produce crops does not mean these species are important to leafy vegetable and cole crops.

Most people call and say I got bugs, and when we ask questions they are hesitant to answer. There is a big difference between American Roaches and German Roaches and really, really important in the treating scheme of things. Yes you can kills bugs with any pesticide generally but you may not solve the problem or you may make it worse. I’ve seen floors covered with Diatomaceous Earth (DE) and still have bed bugs and I’ve seen people use can sprays to kill ants and still have ants. So here are my keys for pest control and they are fairly simple:

  1. Identify the bug
  2. Understand their biology
  3. Use Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  4. Use the right pesticide if necessary

Lightbulb ideas, the kind of thing that changes your business!

Lightbulb ideas, the kind of thing that changes your business!


Look I’m not the brightest bulb in the store but every once in awhile I think I have some good ideas. You all know about the ProBest Post Office and hopefully you have been by to see our collection of live bug/reptiles for the children to visit while the parents are in the Post Office. So it should come as no big shock that I’m always thinking about new ways of increasing business either by networking or by coming up with those weird ideas.

So stop by and visit, use our little U.S. Post Office (quick, less lines and friendly service) always, or maybe you have a bug problem and need that critter identified (Dr. Bug) might be in and he can talk to you about that little pests (husbands or wives excluded).

Or maybe you have an idea that may spark some interest – you never know. Give it a try at ProBest Pest Management 425 W. Guadalupe Road #110, Gilbert, AZ 85233 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176

Currently on display – Scorpions, Tarantulas, Giant Vietnam Centipede, Leopard Gecko, Gopher and Brown Banded Black King Snakes, Madagascar Roaches, Lobster Roaches, Dubai Roaches and Millipedes (gift from Stephanie).

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