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Generic versus Termidor

Generic versus Termidor, so lets imagine if you will. BASF the original maker of Termidor bought the fipronil from their source and manufactured the original with inert ingredients. Then came at least 10 years of testing, we did 16 homes with none having issues in Arizona.

Now when the patent comes off companies come out of the woodwork to make something just as good. So they can’t get their hands on the inert ingredient list from BASF so they concoct their own – see the problem? So is there an issue with Generics versus Termidor, I believe there is. Choose the original.

  1. Not the same ingredients.
  2. No testing has to be done. They piggyback off the data from BASF, not fair but legal.
  3. Not all generics are the same, formulations are not the same. Stick with the real product from BASF fipronil Termidor.

Floating slab pics



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It is essential for a termite treater to understand and know what slab they are treating. Floating slabs are concrete slabs with a deepened and reinforced perimeter. This type of foundation is called a floating slab because it floats on the soil. They are used as foundations for home, businesses, sheds, car garages, additions etc.

Post tension slabs give the best protection from my point of view, cables are run throughout concrete and tightened up. Concrete is less likely to crack and allow termites to enter.

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