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Water collecting, is it attracting mosquito’s?

Water at your front door?

Is the water attracting mosquitoes, I would say yes, and this is near a front door. So guess who will be accidentally drawn into the house when they open the door? We also sell a device which plugs into a socket with a light that attracts and then a glue-board. Quite handy for when flying things actually get into the home. I would encourage you to think about location and you might have to be creative on treatment options. Mosquito dunks may be an idea? Any ideas? A little thought with IPM in mind, maybe a screen door and actually those dunks are an IGR (insect growth regulator) no poison.
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Those darn mosquitoes are at it again – Chikungunya virus.


I probably have said this a few times but a really great reason to read my home seal – I stay ahead of the curve on new species, updates on issues around the US and World  and primarily issues with vector borne diseases.

3 confirmed cases of Chikungunya virus in NC”  A few of these diseases include symptoms that some of us could account for daily such as joint pain, headaches and rashes.

Stay well my friends…


Photo by PPMA

What’s Bugging You?



The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) recently did a Infographic on “What’s Bugging you?”


Beware the Bite, how mosquitoes can be a real problem?


They bite and cause all sorts of disease so what can you do to prevent problems? This man in Arkansas “Bitten by Bugs: man becomes 110-12-Mosquito-Dunk-6-pkpart of scary WNV statistic”. I’m amazed constantly about people wanting to ban all pesticides, we just need to be cautious and use them in a manner consistent to their labeling.

Here in Arizona I see issues with ticks, bed bugs, assassin bugs and mosquitoes, so what can we do for mosquitoes?

  1. Be Aware of stagnant pools in your area.
  2. If the water doesn’t move it can get mosquitoes, so check areas like flower vases or drainage areas.
  3. Shut your doors and screen your windows.
  4. If you have areas that dry out but occasionally fill with water and it is difficult to treat, use mosquito dunks – the only product with BTI, a bacteria toxic only to mosquito larvae, that lasts 30 days and treats 100 square feet of surface water. The best time to treat for msoquitoes is when they are the water.
  5. Where repellent when outside and/or dress accordingly.


What do you want to know by ProBest Pest Management!


No two spider webs are the same.

Only three kinds of animals fight battles in formations: humans, crows and ants.

Ticks are second only to the mosquito as the most dangerous parasites to humans.

A group of Cockroaches are called a Intrusion, I’d say!!!!

I’m sure you know this but probably never thought about it – Animals that lay eggs don’t have belly buttons.


Have you heard about the Cicada commotion on the East Coast?

Have you heard about the Cicada commotion on the East Coast?


You have to check out the following article from North Carolina on what they are calling “Swarmageddon“, its been in the making for 17 years. They are finding Cicada’s everywhere, from blades of grass to trees and everywhere in between.  Check out all the neat photos of Cicadas’s and their molted skins, they are estimating billions of these critters will be making their comeback this spring.

Have you ever heard their singing chorus, OK you are probably thinking chorus yea right? I’ll bet the birds and other animals that eat cicada’s are going to have plenty of food for a few weeks. So what do you do when an invasion like this sets in? Really not much you can do, set back and grin and hope they don’t make it in the house. They don’t bite but can be a nuisance.

We occasionally have bugs explosions here in Arizona, from grasshoppers to mosquitoes. depending on weather conditions and the amount of rain.

Modified Mosquitoes – WOW science advances!

Modified Mosquitoes – WOW science advances!


Florida asks FDA approval to eliminate Dengue Fever with genetically modified mosquitoes. I’m constantly amazed at the speed of technology and the advances made my humans in regards to our betterment as a species.

Mosquito’s have killed more humans than anything else and probably have killed more animals and pets as well. So I think it is extremely important to wage the battle against this little pest. “The trial planned by mosquito officials and the British company Oxitec would release non biting males that have been genetically modified to pass along a birth defect which will kill the offspring.”

lifecyclemosquitopeabodyyaleedu    Thanks to for the use of their photo

These little suckers transmit some nasty stuff…

These little suckers transmit some nasty stuff…

Nearly one million people die of malaria every year, mostly infants, young children, and pregnant women, and most of them in Africa. An estimated 50 to 100 million people contract dengue each year in over 100 countries. West Nile virus first emerged in the Western Hemisphere in 1999 in the New York City area and has since spread across the United States. The virus is transmitted to humans by mosquitoes.

Mosquito Proverb…

In my early years I became a Boy Scout and had the opportunity to become a member of the Order of the Arrow ( honored camper society) the beginning of this endeavor was to camp out alone (I was probably 13) all by yourself and the next day perform good works for the scout camp and stay silent. The mosquitoes were fierce and they wouldn’t leave me alone, so I can understand that proverb – I never did sleep! But I did pass my Ordeal and later received my Brotherhood and Vigil as a youth.

I often hear people say – if Noah had just not taken the mosquito or termite into the Ark, how different our planet would be?

Everything has it’s place and the mosquitoes are food for birds and the termites food for ants, such is life!

I say thank goodness for medicine, entrepreneurs and pest management professionals!

World Mosquito Day

World Mosquito Day

Never before seen letters reveal the story of the scientist who laid the foundations of a cure for malaria more than a century ago

When British doctor Sir Ronald Ross discovered the crucial link between mosquitoes and malaria at the end of the 19 century, he understandably thought it marked the beginning of the end of the deadly disease… More than a century after Ross’s momentous break through, malaria continues to kill hundreds of thousands of people every year- a neglected disease for much of the 20 century. or

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