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Nature is really astounding, isn’t it?

Just when you thought you had heard it all, boom something weird happens. “Newly discovered female bug species in Brazilian caves have penis.

There are four new species of bugs that are not in line with gender laws. The bugs discovered in Brazil were noted to have penises in females and vagina in males. But the penises found in the female species are not the typical ones.

Anyway its interesting to note that animals or insects adapt and we have yet to discover many species around the world.


What causes the Mexican Jumping Bean to jump?

What causes the Mexican Jumping Bean to jump?

jumping bean

The bean moth lays an egg within the seed pod, the egg hatches which produces a larva or caterpillar. When the bean is heated by sunlight or the heat from your hand the larva shifts it’s weight causing the jumping action.


Thanks to W.P. Armstrong for this great picture of the jumping bean.

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