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Coyotes out on local walk

Coyotes, looking for food.

This morning as I was out and about, I ran into a few friends. Not unusual for coyotes to be out during the day, they are opportunistic. On average they weigh between 18 and 40 pounds and did you know that they have mated with dogs causing a coydog.

They often will hunt in small groups and that is why you must be cautious while your pets are outside. Their territory may be up to 9 miles and often hunt small prey. They do carry a few diseases and parasites, so you should steer clear.

I have seen them in all parts of the country.

coyotes 2014-05-05 08.59.10

Hey look who was out looking for food this morning?



You may have to click on the picture to see the two coyotes that were just trolling through this neighborhood. The trouble with these critters is that it could be your dog or cat or pet. I have seen them jump fences like it was a piece of cake.

So a bit of advice if you have a small pet, it is best to protect them from the larger predators like coyotes.


Termites issues – See anything?

Termites – Notice anything unusual?

Termites issues

Termites issues



I was driving the other day and noticed this on numerous homes in one specific neighborhood. Well here is my take, the pretreat didn’t work. So why did the pretreat not work? Here are my clues on this one.

  1. Wasn’t done at all.
  2. Wasn’t the correct mixture.
  3. Maybe somebody thought they did these homes, maybe not.
  4. Maybe a chemical we thought would work in AZ and didn’t.
  5. Wasn’t done at all, oops I said that again. Many of these homes had limited angle drilling and that leads me to think something is amiss, I’m not dropping names but in my opinion it’s a scary thing.

What do bugs really want?

What do bugs really want?  stinkbugs


Plain and simple they want food, water and a home? That is exactly what we can and often times do provide them. Now the key to getting rid of them is by getting rid of one of those key essential things that they need to survive. The BIG problem is that we don’t often think about bugs when creating a home. We create little hiding areas, we water our plants and we leave our dog dishes out with food in them.

Our homes are the perfect environment for them, we have heat in the winter and cooler temps in the summer, we have lights on our houses which also may atttract them. See,  they really don’t understand and probably could care less but the light, heat etc  attracts them.

So here is the true test – you have to make your home uninviting to those guests you don’t want living at your home. Get yellow lights, seal your home and water sparingly and you may become the one house in your neighborhood where the bugs won’t make their homes.


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