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Got odors or smells?

Odors or smells

Odors or smell that just would leave your house? This machine is great for getting rid of those lingering strange smells. Its great for mold and mildew smells and old cigarette smell. ProBest Pest Management just happens to have this machine. You purchase a canister and air gently filters to get rid of that obnoxious smell.  Call us today to rent the machine 480-831-9328. Cartridges last from 30 to 120 depending on use and can treat approximately 20,000 cubic feet. The canisters do come in additional smells, like lavender etc but it often times can overdo the smell so I like the general heavy duty canister.

Ken B. used this machine when he purchased a home. He had a smoky musty older from a partial basement, ran the machine for several days downstairs and upstairs and the smell is gone.

Odors or smells


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Odors or smells

Has the Stink got you, have you tried Earth Care odor bags?



I run across some really stinky little issues from time to time, like a rodents who died within a home. So its one of those things that isn’t easy to fix, so I often recommend the odor bags. I have used these bags many times and have never been disappointed in their use.


Easy to use to remove dead rodent odors, urine and feces odors, skunk odors, musty mildew odors, and cigarette smoke odor. Doesn’t have to come into contact with dead rodent or odor causing agent and works even if carcass is not removed. Bags are easy to use and last an average of 3-4 months in use and contain no chemicals, toxins or fragrances. Simply place the bag near the odor and in 24 hours the odor will be gone. Earth Care does not mask odors it removes them. Its contents are bio-degradable, non-flammable, non-toxic, safe around children, pets & mother earth.

A friend on mine recently had an issue with bats, so I recommended he try hanging some bags near the spot where the bats had been nesting, here’s what he said:

I did exactly what Keith said and I was pleasantly surprised as to the results, odor gone. I’m sold on these bags.  W. Davis – Florida

Odor Smell Eliminator

Odor & Smells Eliminator 


Earth Care Bags do not have to come into contact with the odors causing agent. Simply hang the bag near the smell and in 24 hours the smell will be gone. Earth Care acts like a magnet by attracting and neutralizing smells. It is made from an all natural mineral, is non toxic and biodegradable and safe for Planet Earth. Most odors can be removed entirely within 24 hours of use. It is also safe around children and pets, even if eaten. This Odor Removing Bag  removes odors like a sponge, using the properties of natural minerals – no fragrances or cover-ups.  The Odor Removing Bag is as easy to use as placing the bag near the source of the smell, and it will pull the smells from the entire room.  Each bag will last 3 – 4 months once opened.  One bag is recommended per room or every 100 square feet and you can use multiple bags. Earth Care adsorbs smells rather than masking them with a fragrance. ProBest Pest Management carries these odor bags in our DIY store in Gilbert, AZ.



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