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  1. Skunks generally forage at night and are considered omnivores (they will eat anything) eat plants, berries, grass, bugs, worms, eggs, reptiles & rodents.
  2. Skunks don’t have the best eyesight but have excellent hearing.
  3. Ther prefer to live in burrows.
  4. Skunks actually sneeze to clear out their noses so they can better smell plant food or animal prey.
  5. If you get sprayed, only time will help to fade the smell, tomato juice and/or vingear will help to mask the smell – by the way scientists believe its the oil that makes it last.
  6. Stay back if you spot a skunk, it can shoot up to 10 feet and less accurate to 16 feet.

New pesticide training manual released.


Every day ProBest Pest Management uses its best efforts to use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) best management standards to prevent pests from gaining access into homes. There are some great sites to help every homeowner prevent bugs from getting into your family retreats. Recently Western Farm Press did an article on the great information

probestpestmanagementDSC06302  This picture is from a tenant who decided that the weeds and termites could be treated with used motor oil, it is illegal and could be dangerous. Before we did the termite treatment we removed the oil and disposed of it properly.

PLEASE — USE COMMON SENSE! If that oil seeped into our water system we all suffer.

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