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Whats eating you?

Whose eating the fruit?

Somebody is eating the fruit. I think it’s rodents eating the grapefruit and pumpkin, when you make it easy for the animals/wildlife the next step is entry into your home. I tell everybody, it is extremely important to pick up the fruit that has fallen. No sense feeding any unwanted pest from the neighborhood. Unless of course that is your idea. I know birds will also eat the fruit but uninvited pests are sure to show up.

Oranges, lemons, limes and left over pumpkins are open season for any animal or wildlife. Rodents are prolific breeders and require a lot of food to raise their young. Essential to the control of rodents, eliminate harborage or shelter, reduce water and eliminate food sources. If you can control these factors the rodent population should be controlled.



Its baby time, are rodents looking for ways to protect themselves?


Just like us pests and rodents need 3 things: #1 Food #2 Water and #3 Shelter.

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Whether its warm or cold. opportunity is opportunity and pests will take every chance to push the edge. This could be your home and you need to be aware of the places where pest can set up a home for themselves.

  1. Check your home for exterior and interior holes.
  2. Trim trees and bushes away from home.
  3. Pick up fruit and/or encourage your neighbors to do the same. Give the fruit to St. Mary’s Food Bank.
  4. Remember rodents will gnaw on wires and pipes, you don’t need a headache like this.

Call ProBest Pest Management for help in dealing with pests.

Bubonic Plague right on our doorstep in New Mexico


New Mexico reports second human case of Plague of 2013 in Torrence County Girl” Plague is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium, Yersinia pestis. It is found in animals throughout the world, most commonly rats but other rodents like ground squirrels, prairie dogs, chipmunks, rabbits and voles. Fleas typically serve as the vector of plague. Human cases have been linked to the domestic cats and dogs that brought infected fleas into the house.

Squirrel with bubonic plague closes campgrounds in Angeles National Forest – July 2013

So did you think that Bubonic Plague was a long forgotten disease, or how about Hanta Virus, Lyme disease  or Rabies? Every once in awhile these little diseases pop up around the U.S. and we all need to remind ourselves of their potential to kill.

probestDSC03962  Rub marks where rats are getting into the structure.

Have you ever had one of those days?

Have you ever had one of those days, when you think the world may be against you?

Yes all of us probably run into this weekly, maybe daily. We can handle it primarily because of faith, faith maybe in a few different things like 1. Faith in God 2. Faith that it just happens 3. Faith that it probably can’t get much worse, but anyway you get my drift here. I don’t want to go on about the economy or the government, or preach about the existence of God but you know stuff just happens.

So here are a few tips to stop that stuff from happening – especially the bug or bird kind of stuff.

  • More cases of Bed Bugs are happening right now because we are traveling for the summer, so take precautions.
  • Get a termite inspection yearly, it can’t hurt – it’s not like a colonoscopy (I just had to throw that in) it’s nothing like that….
  • Don’t put firewood against your home, don’t allow rocks to be higher than the stucco.
  • Clean up those oranges and grapefruits that fall on the ground, better yet give them to the food bank.
  • Clutter in and around your home can lead to pest infestations.
  • Don’t let tree limbs touch the house.

When in doubt seek out a trained professional for advice – the National Pest Management Association has a great website for consumers.

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