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GREEN organic pest management

GREEN organic pest management

What’s all the talk and what does it really mean in green organic pest management? There are lots of pest companies that taut that their products are Green or Organic and simply speaking they are not.  The terms Green or Organic implies that the treatment is based upon non-chemical measures and the use of naturally occurring pesticides. ProBest has always believed in IPM and that pesticide use should only come after investigation and exclusion if possible.

Based on  this perspective, to deliver a truly “green” pest control service, only products that come from “earth-based materials such as borates, desiccant dusts such as diatomaceous earth or DE and silica, or botanical  pesticides classified in category 25b by the EPA (EPA exempt materials) can be used. While EPA exempt products may effectively kill pests on contact, they do have their limitations.  They may not resolve persistent pest problems since they have little to no residual effect on pests, especially here in Arizona with the extreme heat.

So what does that mean 4 you?

Scorpions are difficult to control under most conditions and with that being said we have experimented with a product that we believe will work as GREEN. ProBest also believes that any treatment within the home is unnecessary and could cause potential harm to pets especially cats. So this NEW service will continue to be outside only, if you have an interior issue please speak with office. We will use a product that is cedar based in spraying and continue using the webber to knock down webs and DE in the block voids and outside cracks and crevice’s. All in line with a true GREEN service. 


In line with our commitment to keep cost down we will offer our monthly, every other month and quarterly GREEN services at $65 anytime you call. We will also offer a free callback on monthly only. Every other month and quarterly are to far apart in time to offer that guarantee. Also as a side note – ProBest guarantees a true GREEN product.

QualityPro since 2005 – “The mark of excellence in pest management” GreenPro and Public Health certified. Two staff that are trained Associate Certified Entomologists (ACE). 

QualityPro Green

QualityPro Green

GreenPro Green – QualityPro Accredited companies may offer GreenPro Certified service. GreenPro, a program developed by QualityPro, recognizes services offered by companies within our industry that are committed to providing commercial and residential customers with reduced risk, comprehensive, and effective pest control services. The GreenPro certification program standards were enhanced in 2015 to better meet the current and future needs of both commercial and residential customers. Now, QualityPro has a team of experts ready to determine whether services designed by QualityPro companies have met the GreenPro standard. The result? Certified service that is proven effective for your business, for your clients, and for the earth.

GreenPro Principles

GreenPro certified services minimize pesticide exposure to humans, nontarget animals, and the environment by:

  • Focusing on integrated pest management strategies such as habitat modification, exclusion, removal of food and water sources, sanitation, and making repairs.
  • Providing and documenting thorough pest inspection and monitoring services, as well as follow-up to ensure efficacy.
  • Regularly communicating with clients about pest infestations, conducive conditions, and ways to prevent pests.
  • Requiring GreenPro training for all company employees who sell or perform GreenPro service.

Services that include any of the following will not be certified as GreenPro:

  • Preventive pesticide applications that are based solely on the calendar.*
  • Routine, high-volume pesticide applications without justification.
  • Indoor pesticide applications without justification.
  • Rodenticides placed in a manner in which they are accessible to children and nontarget animals.

*Preventive applications linked to seasonality or times of year are permissible if they are clearly linked to the biology of the pest, and regional- or site-specific data on pest pressure and patterns of infestation.

Reprinted from GreenPro National Pest Management Association

Why does Canada have some tougher rules on pesticides?

Over the years I have noticed that Canada is tougher on pesticides than we are in the States and was just curious why that was?                      “Citronella safety debate

Back in 2004, Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency completed a review of citronella-based insect lotions and sprays and said it was not convinced the products were safe.


I’m a fan of being on the safer side of things, but we must also weigh the risks that the bugs bring. It turns out that the people often are the lead in these laws. They fought to keep pesticides out of lawn and gardens applications and this ban (Canada) took effect in 2009. I also found this article “Organic pesticides can be worse than synthetic: study

OK my point is this, I believe pesticide in moderation or IPM – use the tools available, then if you must, then use pesticide.


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