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Meeses in the house

Meeses in the house

Meeses, OK I know the plural of mouse is mice, not meese but just had to mess with things. Plus coming up with keywords is difficult as there are only so many to choose from. Have you ever checked your attic for signs of rodent infestation or signs of other pests. You need to check screening or weep holes, the vents in each end of attic. Check your home for pipe entry points and seal the area around and protrusion. Check door sweeps and maintain window screens. Don’t just check the tops, if you see evidence dig deeper.


Spend It in Gilbert

Spend It in Gilbert

Spend it in Gilbert – When you buy local you help another family within the Gilbert area. When you buy from someone out of state much of that money goes away from our community.

“It’s your money. When you spend it in Gilbert at a local business, what you are really doing is voting for the success of that business, the success of your community, and ultimately the quality of life that you experience every day.“ Support your local economy. It’s Your Money – Spend It In Gilbert!

Shopping local affords a more personal interaction, you may get to know the owner or their technicians. Local also allows a quicker response time to seek out and determine the pest infestation.  Home town pride – invest in Arizona’s economy. For every $100 you spend locally, $43 dollars stay within that community and if your spend $100 non-local only $13 remains in that community.

Spend It In Gilbert

Invest locally.

I also ran across an article from the “Institute for Local Self Reliance” on Why support locally owned businesses. They give 10 reasons:

  1. Local Character and Prosperity
  2. Community Well-being
  3. Local decision making
  4. Keeping dollars in the local economy
  5. Jobs and wages
  6. Entrepreneurship
  7. Public benefits and costs
  8. Environmental sustainability
  9. Competition
  10. Product diversity

New discovery of insect

A new discovery.

Well it turns out to be Vietnam, and this find along with a few others doubles the number of known stick species. The Phryganistria heusii yentuensis measures 32 cm and 54 cm if its legs are extended. OK I’m going to do some math for you, I really looked it up online but 54 cm is 1 foot 9 inches. That is one awfully big stick insect…

Stick insects really don’t do any damage, they can from time to time get into homes. This can cause distress for some people, freaking them out. I have seen grown men waffle at the sight of a cockroach and scorpion. This one guy had forgotten to keep his toilet bowl filled with water and there were numerous American Roaches in the toilet and bathroom. At first I couldn’t decide how to treat, I decided to just grab and crush and he went running. I myself cannot stand spiders and doesn’t really matter what type, they are all gross.



Bed Bug job – Day 3, The Follow-up.

Bed Bug job – Day 3, Invader Pest Management & ProBest Pest Management


One of the rules in any any Bed Bug treatment is the follow-up, how do you known if the job was successful? One of the simplest ways is by asking if anyone is being bitten? This doesn’t always work because some people respond differently to Bed Bug bites, so ProBest Pest management installed some Verifi™ (Monitoring and Detection) devices within the home. These units have a 3 fold way of attracting Bed Bugs:

  • Verifi Co2 Booster Pack – Carbon Dioxide – something we breath out and the Bed Bugs are attracted to.
  • Pheromone lure – encourages Bed Bugs to gather and aggregate into a harborage area.
  • Kairomone  lure – this device is used to mimic a blood source meal, that’s us.


This was a FREE job (Paying It Forward) and I want to thank Channel 3, Meredith Yeomans for coming up with the story and the deserving folks for the story. I also want to say thanks to the deserving folks for letting us take over their home and giving us the opportunity to help them. I also want to thank Invader Pest Management – who gave us a hand because I knew I couldn’t do this job without their experience and equipment. Thanks Fred, Danny and Peter.

Pest Control Companies: Have you done a Bed Bug job or other interesting job Pro Bono – FREE. Tell us about it and Thanks for Paying It Forward!


Alert – Snake Alert…

Alert – Snake Alert… Arizona

Within the last 2 weeks ProBest Pest Management has received 2 rattlesnake calls and STINGER the snake expert did his duty. Snake 0 and STINGER 2, both relocated and hopefully safe and sound.

Rely on the snake removal experts at ProBest Pest Management for all those close encounters.

480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176

BBB Celebrates 100 years of Trust!

Better Business Bureau Celebrates 100 years of Trust!

1912 BBB is founded under the name of Minneapolis Ad Club’s Vigilance Committee

1916 The name Better Business Bureau adopted – thank goodness because that other name is to tough to say.

Spring is almost here!

  Spring is almost here!

Spring is almost here, at least in Arizona and soon we will heading to those wonderful 120° temperatures. So the BIG question are you ready for Spring Cleaning? Here are a few tips on preparing for the summer heat ahead of us all.

  1. Check all out building for pests, like bees or termites.
  2. Check the eaves of your home for bees and cracks in which bugs hide.
  3. The Spring is a great time to caulk and seal your home against unwanted pests, it’s cooler and we all know we don’t want to do it in the Summer.
  4. Check for any nesting around the home, rodents and birds use nesting material and will often drag it in through opening in the walls and ceilings.
  5. Use a cobweb broom to knock down interior dust webs.
  6. Trim those trees from against the home.
  7. Never stack firewood or wood against the home.
  8. Clean your carpets.
  9. How about some plumbing spring cleaning – here are some tips from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

If you need any help feel free to call us at 480-831-9328 ProBest Pest Management

Don’t let the sneaky rodents in!

10 Common access points


While many entry points are not obvious, a few are. Let’s look at a quick checklist of the more common ones:


1. Under garage doors; where the door does not meet the concrete pad. Replace the seal.

2. Crawlspace vents; repair or replace if screens are ripped or vents broken.

3. HVAC penetrations; where HVAC refrigeration lines go through the foundation and around the unit itself.

4. Hose bibs; where water line goes through foundation or wall.

5. Under first course of siding; occasionally you’ll find an opening between the sill plate and footer.

6. Door frames; openings between door frame and structure.

7. Plumbing vent cover missing or broken; reinstall or replace.

8. Under entry way doors; adjust or replace door sweep.

9. Wire/cable through wall or foundation; seal around opening.

10. Basement and crawlspace doors; seal all openings.

This information taken from an article in B&G EquipNet Technical Newsletter November 2011 by William H. Robinson, Ph.D

I would also like to state a few others that we all should be aware of:

  • Never stack firewood against the house, it will attract pest including rodents, spiders and ocassional pests.
  • Window screens.
  • Weep holes, screens in place or repaired.
  • No trees touching the home.


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