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Spiders and fear, what is it all about?


You know that I’m not a big fan of spiders, maybe the reason I got into the pest control or bug business. Some researchers in the UK explained why we might be hard wired to fear them. “Why do spiders scare us so much?  Just for the record he states in his article that “a few spiders in the UK are poisonous” while in fact he should have said venomous.


The real point is how the toxin is delivered. Venom must be delivered through a bite, sting or puncture while a poison could be the entire body or parts of the body.


So don’t just pick up a bug if you don’t know what it is. Several bugs look nice but may contain some sneaky parts or secretions that might you sick.

50_Paper Wasp





So lets have a little test here – Paper wasp – Poisonous or Venomous?

New research on Phobia’s


It appears that after therapy who can take a nap and wake up less afraid of whatever. “Afraid of Spiders? Try sleeping on it.” I may need something like this, I really don’t like spiders, at all.

This technique is usually very effective – and extremely speedy, with often just a few short sessions needed to see off the phobia. But it doesn’t work perfectly for everyone. The answer for this minority of phobia patients, it seems, may be surprisingly simple: schedule a nap immediately after the therapy session.

AS04_16 Photo provided by Univar PPS

Spiders of all kinds – are on my list…

Spiders of all kinds – are on my list…


So you know I absolutely hate spiders, all kinds all shapes so I can epathise with the cat. But some of these are somewhat funny, remember back to the giraffe. My Mom probably created my phobia regarding spiders as I think all my family has this aversion.

I just knew this was TRUE! Spiders eggghh…

I just knew this was TRUE! Spiders eggghh…

A new study by Ohio State University researchers says people who have an intense fear of spiders see those creatures much bigger than what they really are.

This information was in the Journal of Anxiety Disorders It was as big as my head, I swear!: – You have to sign up to get to read the entire story, but I bet I knew this answer without the study.

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