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How about some new words for you bugophiles?


Laurel Hansen Ph. D.  is an Instructor in Biology from Spokane Falls Community College and is in my opinion one of the USA top research experts on Carpenter ants or probably ants in general. Some new words from this last weeks PestWorld conference in Phoenix, AZ.

Polygyne – many Queens or describing a hive or colony (social insects) that has more than one active queen.

Polydomus – many homes or living in more than one nest, as certain ant colonies.


She presented a very instructional PowerPoint on Tramp Ants –  a diverse group of invasive ant species which have become established widely across the globe. As we travel, move or just transport certain things across the country we may accidentally transport certain bugs or other stuff into an Eco-system which might not do to well with a new species. One of those species has created some real problems in various places in the U.S. like the  Crazy ants or Rasberry crazy ants

Hey I saw a fuzzy ant, is it dangerous?


Yes and no, actually it’s a wasp and yes it can sting. They were actually called “Cow Killers” and can add a real punch when stung – it was said that a female sting was so painful that it could actually kill a cow. They are a solitary wasp and are found throughout the U.S., the females are large, wingless and hairy. They are 1/8 to 1 inch in length and can be orange, red, yellow black or white. The males don’t have stingers and also they have wings. They are rated Class IV and a tarantula sting at a Class II. Remember wasps, hornets, yellow-jackets all can sting multiple times while honeybees can only sting once (unless its the Queen – no barbs on her stinger). Do you know why – Comment below.



NO need to worry, just don’t pick them up or accidentally step on one and you will be fine. Another reason to always wear shoes in Arizona, scorpions to Velvet ants (wasps).

Why does it look like the ants are marching?


The ants go ing in one and one…


We have some very artistic pieces of folk art here in Arizona.  If these ants invaded your picnic it would be all over. Once an ant finds food they lay a trail and head for home, once home all the other ants follow that trail right back to the food. So if you stop that first ant, you may stop the party for the ants. Have a nice time at the picnic but beware the bugs.

Science discoveries continue


Fire ant venom as a Fungicide

In their experiments, the researchers used sophisticated extraction techniques to obtain purified amounts of piperdeine and piperidine from the venom glands of both red and black imported fire ants.

In this case they are testing the venom, several ant species use different techniques to tend gardens of fungi so I wonder how this would work?

HYA10_02 Photo provided by Univar PPS

What is the #1 pest, ants you say?

Ants can be a major issue, they can get into our homes and businesses. They can find their way into food storage and pantries and spoil food. I have even seen them in refrigerators, stoves and microwaves. They  can also get into restaurants, this can cost the restaurant business revenue and lost of patrons. Pest control is essential for business that rely on patrons and also that serve food or beverages. There are a number of species that can get inside homes including nuisance Pharaoh,  Ghost and even Carpenter ants will trail to sweet or protein foods. It is really important to understand the habits of the nuisance critter you are dealing with, in this way you know when they need protein and/or sweets as carbs.



Some great information from the National Pest Management Association





What does a headline really mean?


I ran across  a story the other day “Crazy ants that destroy computers are immune to insecticide“. The article is well written but I just don’t like the headline. Ants can be difficult to control but we have many tools in our arsenal. Sometimes we try to control the ants we see walking around and sometimes we can use products such as Termidor to go after them, but it is vitally important to get them all and that is the biggest challenge. Ants that might forage within a house or even outside can be controlled by using baits, but they must take the bait and bring it into their home.

There are many active formulations on the market and to be immune from them all is highly unlikely. Invict Blitz Ant Granules might serve the bill. I would like to see a better title maybe like this one –  Crazy ants that destroy computers and electrical equipment are very difficult to control and eliminate. On a side note I’m probably worse at titles so who am I to complain, right?

I think I wrote an article years ago about some Crazy ants at the Jacksonville Zoo, (Bugs on the , what’s it all about….) check out his article.

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