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Is this termites?


I often get calls that start out by saying I know I have termites and I need to have someone come out to give me an estimate. Mud Daubers are wasps nd they use mud to construct nest in which they house the next generation of solitary wasps. Mud Daubers rarely sting and do not defend their mud shelter, they may fly at you but it is not a defense.

What triggers the attack of Africanized Honeybees?


Loud noises or vibrations,  sometimes just the smell – maybe aftershave or cologne and for sure don’t throw things. Here is some information from WikiHow at with pictures.

An incident this last week in Tucson can remind us of the dangers that surround us. Children at an early stage should be instructed in what is good and what is bed in nature. That is one reason why Dr. Bug teaches a class at the Chandler Environmental Education Center.


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