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$1000 phone

$1000 phone


You know what gets my goat? The pricing ($1000 phone) of the newest technology and the pricing of termite work. People are willing to spend $1000 but are shocked by the cost of termite work. There was a report in Florida that compared pricing in 1937 compared to today. A treatment in 1930 cost something like $327 would compare to over $1500 today. Everyday I battle the low price companies, and you get what you pay for. I guess there are companies willing to do it cheap, but we do quality work and stand behind it. We have always tried to do the right thing, it helps me sleep at night.

So think about this when you compare 4-5 hours of work, usually 2 people trenching and applying termiticide. Are you willing to gamble your single biggest investment to a cheap price? Is it going to be done according to Label? What chemical and % is to be used. Are they doing a complete exterior? Is there a warranty and have you checked their reviews (don’t trust them all, but compare and see what they did to fix it)? $1000 phone or technology?

$1000 phone


Bug pictures via email, text or by snail mail.

Pictures are worth a Thousand words! Wasn’t or isn’t that the old saying? There are a lot of ways to figure out what that bug may be, there are apps and others who offer many ways of informing you on that bug. Today almost everyone has a smart phone and why not have a place to ask that age old question – what is it? So take some time and send us a picture. We may not have an app but you can still send us that picture – all I ask is that you make it as clear as you can.

Here are the ways to send that picture to us:

480-577-2003 office cell phone – text us that bug


and of course you can always send that bug to us at 425 W. Guadalupe Road #110, Gilbert, AZ 85233 (pack it so it would be smashed).



Does your Pest Company have a Bat phone?


I always loved the idea of having a Bat phone or a Red phone Hotline – my version of the Bat Signal maybe – that looked like it could call that one person you really might need or they might need you ASAP. By the way you know how difficult it was to find a red phone and it has a rotary dial not push buttons? Cool right?


OK its really for show, but hey it could connect me to the one person I might really need in an emergency -pondering who that could be. Here is that list:

  1. National Pest Management Association (NPMA) Jim Fredericks (he is the staff Entomologist).
  2. Dr. Paul Baker – my colleague from University of Arizona, Tucson.
  3. My Pest Industry friend Fred – he knows just about as much as I do about bugs… just about I said.

or maybe they would call me     

   4. The President of the United States (I’m going to behave myself) when that giant spider or giant bed bugs gets loose and ravishes the Country.

   5. What if the Sheriff of Maricopa or Pinal County called for my help? Hey I’m just saying!

  Who would be on your list?

“Call a Pro… Call the Best. ProBest!”



Shouldn’t you be calling ProBest Pest Management to handle all those bug issues or at the very least recommending us to those that do have some bug issues. Why should you call us:

  1. Full time Associate Certified Entomologist on staff.
  2. A+ rating with the BBB.
  3. Hundreds, possibly thousands of satisfied customers according to reviews posted on the Internet and we believe everything we read on the Internet.
  4. 30+ years of service to the Valley.
  5. Customer service experts, we have a Contract Post Office and understand excellent customer service.
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