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Weeds everywhere

Weeds everywhere

Weeds everywhere, this is the time of year early spring and again in the fall. Weed seeds are pushed around by the wind and deposit on lawns everywhere. I’m amazed at the amount of weeds that pop up on my lawn. The trick is to have it sprayed twice a year spring and fall. We use a post emergent (kills the actual plants) and a pre emergent (kills the seeds as they begin to grow). Now its really is important to water the preemergent into or pass the stones. The herbicide needs to get to the soil where the seeds are their transformation into a plant.

I think we all think of Dandelions as a weed, but you can eat some part of the plants and make wine out of the flowers.

Spurge is an obnoxious weeds, similar to puncturevine.

Russian Thistle is a weird type of plant, it has stickers and if you see old west shows its the tumbleweed. The City of Chandler puts up a tumbleweed Christmas tree each year downtown.


There are numerous types and yearly cycles of weed activity. Knowing when they germinate and how they reproduce is helpful of getting rid of them. For example Russian Thistle seeds fall of as they tumble, that is their main way to replicate. So its really important.

Play – anywhere, anytime

Play – Anywhere, anytime

Anywhere you might play, eat, sleep etc. Have you hear the sentence – “You Are Within 3-6 Feet of a Spider Right Now”? A 1995 popular article by famous arachnologist Norman Platnick begins, “Wherever you sit as you read these lines, a spider is probably no more than a few yards away.” From a 1999 Sierra Club book on spiders: “Wherever you are, there is a spider within a meter of you.” From a 2001 book on nature in the city: “Even in Manhattan, you are never more than three feet from a spider.” These are just some of the myths surrounding the sentence because it really depends on where you are. So what about bugs then, you probably have them all around you and you don’t realize it.

Maybe a silverfish in your attic, a cockroach under a kitchen cabinet, maybe an earwig off the back patio or your children are at play. The reason is that they outnumber us and by big numbers, its just that they are so small and often not visible to our naked eye.


Anywhere you play

You can always call A Pro…

So pest control often plays a part in the management of these pests, here in Arizona we have Bark Scorpions and they can sting and cause pain and fear. They normally don’t kill anyone but the sting is painful and can cause more serious trouble to younger children and older adults. Black ad Brown Widow spiders can cause significant more damage and I recommend wearing gloves while doing work outside or in the garage or attic. Cockroaches, flies and rodents can spread diseases and can seriously damage your intestinal tract. That is why I call myself a Public Health Professional and I’m here to stop those bugs and pests from getting to your family and friends. As always if you have questions, have a picture a picture or just need some advice give us a call 480-831-9328

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