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Recessed lights

Recessed lights, vents or any device in your ceiling allows an entry into your home for pests. As you check your light, vents etc look for space between the ceiling and the device. Those holes they make in the drywall are often larger that the device fitting through.

Use a caulking material and make that gap go away. This also helps in keeping the cold air in and the warm air in depending on the time of year. Those Recessed lights etc are a quick way in for numerous pests, so fix them and this also will save you money and who doesn’t like that. Remember that scorpions only need the thickness of a credit card to sneak in. Owning a house takes effort but together with a reputable honest Pest Company such as ProBest Pest Management 480-831-9328 it will be a breeze.

Hole = entry points for rodents

Hole the size of a dime = mice entry

Hole = As long as the diameter is the size of a dime and the mouse can fit its head through the opening he/she can make it in. Equally important is how you prevent the reoccurrence – don’t just fill in with foam, it must contain something that will prevent eating like steel or copper wool. Fill the opening and mix the wool within so the rodent will not gnaw through.

Hole the size of a quarter = rat entry

As long as the diameter is the size of a quarter and the rat can fit its head through the opening he/she can make it in. A crawlspace home may have more entry points and you must crawl and investigate those possibilities. Or hire a professional to do that service, hire one that is knowledgeable about pests and housing construction. Also be aware of termite issues and be prepared to further explore any signs.

Rodents include rats, mice and rabbits – they all may gnaw wires and be potential carriers of diseases. They may also carry parasites and remember when they are gone the parasites may remain behind and go after humans. I also believe especially in crawlspaces that all entry must be prevented, I’ve seen cats and other animals living in these areas and for sure they carry other critters like fleas and ticks.


Drains can be a cause of filth flies.

Drains can be a cause of filth flies.


probestpestmanagementIMAG0281     When cleaning, it is important to get to all the out of the way places. Why is that important, because bugs are going to hide in areas where it is dark and has lots of food potential. This drain has serious and potential problems just waiting to happen, filth flies are just one that could cause a serious and buggy problem. . The problem is that the water pipe is broken and allowing the water to drip outside the drain box. If this is the soda machine overflow pipe then all the sugars are going to cause even more issues. Time to get into the mess and fix it properly.

Hazards, what hazards?


Hazards, what hazards?

Probably most service people will tell you it’s the dog that is the most potential of a problem. I don’t usually have issues with the pooches but occasionally one is out to get me. This last week it was a Chihuahua Dog, this dog thought it was a Pit bull. It stood its ground and just dared me to enter it’s yard, which I didn’t. My biggest scare was a Pit Bull, the owner put the dog into the garage and it decided it was coming through the window – it jumped onto a wooden bench and came flying through the open window. Almost got me and I was doing everything in my power to get out of that back yard. You probably heard that saying “NO one can hear you scream in space? Probably true cause I was yelling like a mad man, lucky for me I was carrying my measuring wheel. No bites in over 25 years – not bad! My biggest concern is hitting a electrical line while doing termite work….

So take care service people of the world…

How the bugs get in? Part 2

How the bugs get in? Part 2


This is one of those issues that most people don’t think about – at all. Let’s say you are a snowbird, or you have a spare bathroom that you hardly ever use except when company drops by? Do you ever consider the bathtub drain or the sink drain? Do you know what a P-trap or a S-trap is and what function it serves?

This device allows water to form and become somewhat of a seal against gases and other notorious stuff including bugs from coming up the drain pipes. So if you never check that bathroom or the drain, the water evaporates and allows those noxious fumes and sometimes bugs the opportunity to enter your home of business. I even recommend adding a little mineral oil to the drain, as this will protect the water from evaporating as fast – I understand that this will not harm the water treatment system. This also may prevent those bugs from swimming through the water and by getting  it on their skin and possible stopping them from breathing.

          See the American roaches – they are commonly called sewer roaches because they hide in sewer pipes and systems.

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