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Tarantula venom – maybe a new insecticide?


Last week on my way into work (38.5miles) I caught a story on tarantula venom being used as an possible insecticide. It appears that in Australia the dreaded tarantula has a protein within the venom  that can also kill prey insects that consume the venom orally. “Australian tarantula venom contains novel insecticide against agricultural pest

These and other insect pests reduce global crop yields by 10-14% annually and damage 9-20% of stored food crops, and several species are resistant to available insecticides.

Once again I mention that pesticides (by the way is this Organic or Green?) are important and essential to all manners of life on earth, so new ideas are very important. Opinions?


They grow them big in New Mexico!

They grow them big in New Mexico!



As the name suggests, these spiders are hunters. They are big and hairy which generally creeps out most people. The female will lay an egg sac, which she will bite open and allow the spiderlings to crawl on her back. They will stay there for a little over a week and then gradually move on to do there own hunting. They typically hunt at night and may enter homes while searching for food.

Check out an article on “Taking Care of Business” by owner of ProBest Pest Management from FMC Pestwire

Bird of Prey?

Bird of Prey?


Awhile back I came across this nest and didn’t see the original architect or any evidence of the occupant at the time. I did take a few pictures so maybe somebody can help me out and tell me what they think this might be.


One of my thoughts was that it might be a Great Horned Owl, it looked like she did a lot of work building the nest but it kept falling down maybe due to the location and wind of the building. Any ideas? Comment below please!

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