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Prescott, Arizona

This is one of my absolute favorites places in Arizona. Prescott (natives say Prescitt) served as the first territorial capital in 1863 and the courthouse  is worth a tour. Across the street is the historic section (Whiskey Row) including a saloon with gun-slingers present from time to time and occasionally there are events surrounding the area of the courthouse. They host wine tasting events and art fairs with some rather different and interesting art collections. Check out the Palace Restaurant & Saloon and Prescott  Brewery Company for some great food and extras.

Having been around the world, a desert is often thought of as just a dead heatwave of a place. Our Spring is certainly different but the flowers and cactus all take a spot at blooming. Many birds, bugs and honeybees pollinate the flowers and the Native Americans use the flower as a jam, jelly or even using the plant itself in specialty food products. Cactus and many species of trees have adapted at having spiny or really thin leaves to reduce water loss, so be careful of those spines.

Prescott Arizona cactus

Prescott Arizona cactus

Spring is almost here!

  Spring is almost here!

Spring is almost here, at least in Arizona and soon we will heading to those wonderful 120° temperatures. So the BIG question are you ready for Spring Cleaning? Here are a few tips on preparing for the summer heat ahead of us all.

  1. Check all out building for pests, like bees or termites.
  2. Check the eaves of your home for bees and cracks in which bugs hide.
  3. The Spring is a great time to caulk and seal your home against unwanted pests, it’s cooler and we all know we don’t want to do it in the Summer.
  4. Check for any nesting around the home, rodents and birds use nesting material and will often drag it in through opening in the walls and ceilings.
  5. Use a cobweb broom to knock down interior dust webs.
  6. Trim those trees from against the home.
  7. Never stack firewood or wood against the home.
  8. Clean your carpets.
  9. How about some plumbing spring cleaning – here are some tips from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

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Arizona 100th Centennial – Celebration


Arizona 100th Centennial – Celebration


Join ProBest Pest Management and Post Office this Tuesday Feb 14th all day for FREE Cake to celebrate 100th Centennial of Arizona.

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Arizona 100th Birthday

Arizona’s 100th Birthday

Arizona 1912 – 2012 Join ProBest Pest Management and Contract Post Office

On February 14th, 2012



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