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Gophers and the movie Caddy Shack, see link below. One of my all time favorite comedy hits. I still laugh every time that Gopher dances and makes fun of the landscaper. Now that I do rodent control, it isn’t a laughing matter anymore. These varmints eat roots and new shoots and can be quire destructive. So it is important to keep them at bay and stop them from damaging your lawn and plants. Rats and rodents in general continue to grow their teeth and need a way to keep them useable and sharp. They will gnaw on wires, pool equipment and even your vehicle wiring. That by the way can cost a fortune. We are running an special – give us a call at 480-831-9328 and yes we can gas them out. They won’t go away on their own.

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Bill Murray and CaddyShack   Gophers

Rodents aren’t just a problem in NYC, how about Arizona?


Harlem says rats to blame for telephone woes“, you may think they have their issues and yes they do but we also have issues with rodents. There was a issue a year or so ago where rabbits were chewing/gnawing on vehicle wiring and that can be a real headache if you need your car in a hurry.

  • The front incisors of rodents never stop growing, In fact, continuously growing front teeth is a trait shared by all rodents from the tiniest mouse to the largest rodent. Observing  mice & rats who have nothing to gnaw upon, its been found that these incisors can grow up to five inches per year.
  • Rats have strong teeth that allow them to chew through glass, cinderblock, wire, aluminum and lead.
  • Rodents need to chew four to five hours each day just to keep their teeth gnawed down to the point that they are able to eat. If their teeth grow too long they will die of starvation.
  • There is a very high sodium content in electrical and cable wiring. This  makes the wires taste good to the rodents, but can lead to wire failure & is a fire hazard. Check your  home-owner’s insurance policies to see if it covers fire if it is a result of rodents chewing on wires.


Photo – Univar Environmental Solutions

My Top 3 reasons why you need pest control, or do you?


Pest control isn’t always needed at your home, but if you have issues you can either take care of it yourself or hire a Professional. I have written numerous home seals that categorically point out the advantages of hiring a pro for that job. There are those that believe that no matter the circumstance, it isn’t necessary to hire a professional. Here are the facts as I see them:

  1. You may need experience and expertise.
  2. Remember Bubonic Plague, Hanta Virus and other diseases are still present in the U.S. – “Rabbit test positive for Tularemia in Pueblo West, CO.”
  3. Not every job can be accomplished by stepping on the bug.

Ever wonder about Chili peppers and pest control?

chilipeppers       Ever wonder about Chile peppers and pest control?

I remember many years ago when my Grandparents had a garden and occasionally rabbits would venture in and eat the new stalks of green. We put up some chicken wire and that stopped the intruders from getting in, but what about the new repellents with chili peppers or those that contain capsaicin? For thousands of years Asian cultures have used chili pepper products to repel all kinds of pests. One thing for sure is that you must be extremely careful using a product like this.

One of the products that we use is PiGNX and a similar product called DeTour for rodents, the reasons that I like this product include:

  • The product won’t freeze or melt, the freeze thing isn’t a problem in AZ but melting is. There are times in the summer that I think I’m melting from the heat.
  • This product is a contact repellent – animals in contact may take it back to their nest transferring it to others.
  • Food grade product.

In the case of pigeons, you place this product in areas where they tend to land and hang out. They get the product on their feet and they hate it, sqawking and letting every other bird aware of the product – they don’t come back…

Rodents coming into contact believe that the building in on fire due to the heat from the product and will do whatever it takes to get out of the structure.

New technology for pest control…..

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