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Monsoon and Termites

Monsoon brings out the bugs

Well the monsoon has arrived and with all that rain comes the bugs. I usually say the bugs come in for 2 reasons, #1 not enough rain or #2 too much rain. Just like us the bugs need water, food and shelter and guess what that may be our home of business. Termites become more active this time of year mainly due to the increase of water, on the East Coast water is more abundant and they just seem to be active all year long. Termites create a tube in which to enter a home but that tube can often be hidden and that is the main reason to hire a Pest Management Professional to do that yearly inspection. If you live in the South I recommend a yearly inspection especially for your peace of mind.


All that water.

So when the ground becomes saturated the other bugs make for dryer land and sometimes that just happens to be your home or business. This picture below was from last week and you can see our parking lot is flooded. If this was your home this might be right up against your foundation. The more water and over time this may diminish your active termiticide.


Asthma Cockroaches & children


Asthma – Cockroaches, children and allergies – interesting correlation to children and pests in a home. is the official website of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), a non-profit organization committed to the protection of public health, food and property. This site serves as a comprehensive resource for consumers, media, educators & pest control professionals. From common household pests to do-it-yourself pest control tips and provides timely information and tools to better serve our visitors’ pest management needs.

Please utilize as your main resource for information on bugs, rodents, pest control, and the growing professional pest management industry.

You can also use our website as a resource. There are many websites available to decide on the bug and its issue with living close to humans. Using Google can also help, plus you’re welcome to send in the picture of the bug to to quickly get identified by an expert.

asthma Cockroaches children


Happy Halloween! Boo!

Halloween and the scary pests!

Halloween probably began as a Pagan celebration and originated from Celtic harvest festivals. Over the years, more and more people have added touches of the things that scare them, like cockroaches, roaches, bats and rats, snakes etc. I’ve seen candies that are shaped like all kinds of bugs to spiders. Which scare me to death, the spiders of course. So think about the costumes, parades and the tons of candy which the little Goblins are really looking.

The one thing I’m not real crazy about is those clowns. I’m not frightened by them they just creep me out, but no more than spiders freak me out. Tough exterminator putting on the front of a Professional, right?




The problem didn’t occur in a day, the solution can’t happen in 1 day either?

I know, I know you hate rodents or bugs and you want them out of your home or business today. The problem is, it isn’t going to happen! Those bugs or rodents had some time to reproduce and gain numbers. In the same way the Pest Management Professional is going to need some time to eradicate the problem. So let’s look at a few issues:

German Cockroaches – You bring in one box from a grocery store and one lone female sneaks into your kitchen. Oh and guess what? She is pregnant and in just a few days she releases an egg case, 30 little baby cockroaches and all ready to make babies in 100 days. A German Cockroach and her babies can produce 300,000+ roaches in a year.

Mice – a pair of mice can produce more than 300 offspring.

Rats – a pair of rats may produce 1,500 to 2,000 babies.


If the pest infestation goes unchecked, you might be dealing with 1000’s and no matter what it is going to take some time, period. I truly understand the concern and we will work as hard as ever to get that population down quickly, but don’t expect it tomorrow.

Problem or solution

Problem or solution

Have you ever tried DIY for German Roaches?

The biggest issue I have with DIY (Do It Yourself) pest control is that most people don’t understand bugs. If you have the knowledge then you can deal with the pest. Same reason I don’t replace my own brakes on my vehicle. I don’t have a clue and frankly I don’t want to know. But let me tell you, I know bugs.

You know those cockroach stations that you just throw into the kitchen or bathroom cabinet, they might work if you get them close enough. But most people just toss them into the cabinet and that isn’t very helpful. Yes some roaches will find the stuff but if you place them near the source, it will work better.

probest pest management20150505_103156

probest pest management20150505_103200





So how would you control these roaches if the bait wasn’t close by, it’s far easier to just call a Pest Management Professional. 480-831-9328

Did you have any idea? Cockroaches may have personalities…

This article appears in the “Royal Society Publishing” “Group personality during collective decision-making: a multi-level approach.”

Group personality during collective decision-making: a multi-level approach | Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences

highlight that the individuals within groups exhibited consistent personality traits in their probability of sheltering and total time sheltered

Photo by PPMA

Photo by PPMA

I can see this happening, can you?

So you’re driving and something catches you off guard. You think or thought you saw something scurry across your vision. What was it, oh my gosh was it a spider, bee or a cockroach. This story out of New Zealand.


Officer, the cockroach caused the crash.”

Don’t panic, drive or slow down and then get out. OK then you can panic….

Cockroach image by PPMA

Cockroach image by PPMA

I want you to spray inside my home… is it necessary?

Not always!

Rodents winning New York City rat race, but humans are fighting back.” I have to tell you I get a bit frustrated when I hear these remarks. If you have been ready this home seal you know I’m a advocate for Integrated Pest Management or IPM but sometimes that takes into account the use of pesticides.

I’m constantly talking with people about inside and/or outside service, I switched many years ago to an outside service program. I spend just as much time on the outside as I did doing both inside/outside. There isn’t the need with a few exceptions of performing inside service.  So here is my approach:

  1. On calling the customer, they have an opportunity to tell me about any interior issues.
  2. Upon arrival for their service, I ask if they have any issues.
  3. I always walk around with a webber broom, gives me a chance to look the home over before I begin the service.
  4. I’m a technology minded service provider, I investigate and try the new products. This is often done in cooperation with the Pest Control Industry Manufacturers.
  5. Example: I went to a home a month ago, another company had been treating this home for German Roaches for 2 years and they still had them (they were spraying only). I used Avert dry bait as a crack & crevice product – this month the owner advised me that he had seen one about a week and a half ago but none lately. NOTE: this is what you pay me for – I know bugs and how to get rid of them…… Its about knowledge.
  6. There are a few occasions when you must use products inside homes, yes I know there are people out there that think there are do it yourself products or GREEN products that will rid your home of everything. In my opinion some work but many just won’t last long enough.
  7. Many schools are getting on the IPM program and if it good enough for our children and our schools why wouldn’t it be good enough for your home. Just think about this, every time you use a compressed sprayer within your home you are releasing a pesticide within your airspace – is that good? Just face the facts IPM is the way of the future.


Think you have bugs how about monitoring for them?


One of the techniques in learning what pests you might have at your home involves monitoring with glue boards.


By placing a few boards around the entrance to the garage may help you to identify what might be getting in. In this case we have some roaches and can quickly come up with a plan to stop them. Simple tools that may lead you to solving a pest problem.


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