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Rattlesnake Rattlers

Rattlesnake Rattlers – What’s inside the box?

Rattlesnake Rattlers – I don’t advocate killing things unless you have to. Now with that being said, if you have rodents inside your home, they must die. End of story, why you ask? Because they can cause serious health risks, they urinate and cause other potential issues like asthma. I technically didn’t kill this rattlesnake, it crawled into a rodent station that had a snap trap within. I probably should have saved the skull but didn’t think that far but the rattlers were impressive. Also I somewhat relived I didn’t run into this snake when it was alive. It must have been a good size, probably a good 5 foot.

Rattlesnake Rattlers

A few of my accounts just relocate the snakes, taking them for a ride to a somewhat further distance away from the house or business. I was out the National Cemetery and there was a small 1 footer which I moved to a field just down the road.

Rodent Awareness Week – November 16-22, 2014




I think all of us have seen the cartoons of “Tom & Jerry” and “Speedy Gonzales” and the cuteness of the mice etc but they should be feared if they get into your home. We should be aware that letting rodents, mammals and or birds take up residence within our homes can lead to other problems. If we fail to notice or just let them in we could have secondary pests like fleas or ticks, when we eventually get rid of them. I recently had someone call who had bats in a log home and after they excluded the bats they were left with some nasty batbugs similar to bedbugs.



Even the smallest can cause BIG issues, can’t they?


Rodents cause widespread phone and Internet outages


So something as small as a mouse caused some issues with power and the internet in Bozeman, WY recently. It is really important that we keep out rodents, they gnaw on wires are may cause up to 20% of home fires.

VR05_91 This picture from Univar, clearly indicates that mice or rats love to chew  pipes or cables, if this had been inside an attic it could have caused a serious fire or explosion.


Now not only do wildlife/animals not have a place within your home, but if you do allow them access into your home seconday pests also may cause issues. Mites, fleas and ticks and all kinds of parasites may decide to bite you instead. So the simple answer is – keep those pests out!


Rodents will gnaw on anything, what happens if its your home?


probestpestmanagementIMAG0413    Rodents will gnaw on anything to keep their teeth from growing to large and this could cause you some BIG problems. Rodents cause approximately 20 percent of undetermined fires in the United States each year according to fire experts. Pack rats will collect all kinds of stuff, so if you’re missing anything – check for rodents in the neighborhood.

What can you do to keep them out?

  • Seal any holes or cracks with steel or copper wool.
  • Check your home monthly especially in the Spring and Fall, rodents will either try to get in or out.
  • Don’t allow trees to touch your home.
  • Don’t stack firewood or stuff against your home.
  • Don’t leave out pet food.


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