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Rodenticide – EPA files notice – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is considering several changes to its regulation of rodenticides
that will jeopardize access to this critical rodent control tool.

To make ALL bulk rodenticides RESTRICTED USE PRODUCTS (RUP)

ProBest Pest Management decided years ago to not use anti-coagulates. (The poison interferes with the blood’s ability to clot.) This may cause damage to secondary predators such as owls, eagles, hawks, cats etc. We use either Terad3 (calcium mobilizer) or RatX (sodium chloride -salt. Rats and mice cant throw up or vomit, while the predators can and will. We also offer ContraPest ( birth control).

See the attached picture on our offer, a little more expensive but better for secondary animals.

I personally have seen some bad things, bait packs throw into garages. I’ve seen certain open boxes of bait in front yards available to kids etc. Safety is the paramount concern when handling rodenticides or pesticides. How many people read the label before using a product? I would venture to say, not many. Or they might skim and do what they think is correct or right. Are you using the product consistent to the label and labeling? Have you thought about who might come in contact with the product or the remaining dead animal? Just my thoughts on rodenticides.

Use a Professional, we have the tools, the knowledge and experience to handle all kinds of situations. We are also licensed and undergo training and retraining annually.

field Park Poisoner’s handbook – forensic medicine or ?

Poisoner’s handbook – forensic medicine or ?

Poisoner’s Handbook” details birth of forensic medicine – article written by Leslie Ashmore from Los Altos Town Crier

I guess I really never gave great thought to how forensic medicine and crime solving began, but this story is articulate and well written. The author of this article talks about the book as a science mystery. Many of the items discussed came right out of the endeavor to create pesticides and other pests (I’m not talking about people pests).

I’m definitely going to get this book, how about you?

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