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Play – anywhere, anytime

Play – Anywhere, anytime

Anywhere you might play, eat, sleep etc. Have you hear the sentence – “You Are Within 3-6 Feet of a Spider Right Now”? A 1995 popular article by famous arachnologist Norman Platnick begins, “Wherever you sit as you read these lines, a spider is probably no more than a few yards away.” From a 1999 Sierra Club book on spiders: “Wherever you are, there is a spider within a meter of you.” From a 2001 book on nature in the city: “Even in Manhattan, you are never more than three feet from a spider.” These are just some of the myths surrounding the sentence because it really depends on where you are. So what about bugs then, you probably have them all around you and you don’t realize it.

Maybe a silverfish in your attic, a cockroach under a kitchen cabinet, maybe an earwig off the back patio or your children are at play. The reason is that they outnumber us and by big numbers, its just that they are so small and often not visible to our naked eye.


Anywhere you play

You can always call A Pro…

So pest control often plays a part in the management of these pests, here in Arizona we have Bark Scorpions and they can sting and cause pain and fear. They normally don’t kill anyone but the sting is painful and can cause more serious trouble to younger children and older adults. Black ad Brown Widow spiders can cause significant more damage and I recommend wearing gloves while doing work outside or in the garage or attic. Cockroaches, flies and rodents can spread diseases and can seriously damage your intestinal tract. That is why I call myself a Public Health Professional and I’m here to stop those bugs and pests from getting to your family and friends. As always if you have questions, have a picture a picture or just need some advice give us a call 480-831-9328

Scorps how do they get in?

How do the scorps get in?

Scorps in the Phoenix Valley. Is this is typical for construction here in Arizona? Not only do you have to check outside but you must also check inside your family home?

So this little Scorpion (let’s call him Fred) one night was out lurking about for food. He came down the block wall where he was living because he had learned about this nice cool spot. He had heard about the crickets singing and chirping all night long.

Fred crossed the endless chasm of rocks and finally made it to the house. He started up the foundation where he found a crack. Now he was inside the wall, he started climbing the 2×4 wall studs, making his way to the attic of the house. Fred made his way under the insulation, he couldn’t really see anything. It was dark under all that insulation and it seemed to be everywhere. All of a sudden he fell, he had made it to a light. There was plenty of room around that light because no one had sealed it properly. Now he was in even bigger trouble, he had fallen into the bathtub and he couldn’t get out since it was very slippery porcelain.

The little child Kylea was running around the house and saw something in the bathtub, she leaned over to touch it and Fred stung her. Fred was just doing what he was born to do, survive an attack by something bigger.

Is it to late?

Well it’s to late for Fred the scorpion, the owners didn’t put up with him and gave him a sea burial. Better yet, they called ProBest Pest Management 480-831-9328 who did a home seal, specialized foam treatment and continuous monthly pest control. They also taught their child to learn the different bad bugs in the Valley.

The moral of the story, hire a pest professional to combat the bugs. Don’t wait until you, your family or pet is stung.



Scorpion art

Art and pest prevention

So here is the BIG question, are we going to have a cold snap cold enough to freeze the scorpions? Over the last few years we just haven’t had the extreme cold needed to kill them. So this adds to the pressure around your home and if it doesn’t get cold enough none of the prey bugs will die and that gives the scorpions plenty of food.

So what do you do to prevent them from getting into your home?

  1. Home-seal your house and we are running a special $4 a lineal foot compared to our previous pricing of $6 a foot,
  2. Pest control to keep their food from going populating crazy.
  3. Keep harborage areas where they hide down to the lowest possible numbers.
  4. Don’t store unwanted things in your yard, keep it clean.
  5. Don’t store wood for to long, use what you need each season.
  6. Don’t plant vines, bushes or trees next to the home or business.
  7. As always if you have any questions send us a note at [email protected]
art 20160822_083545




Wear gloves while working outside? You should!

Wear gloves! I saw this picture on FaceBook and asked Luge guy if I could use it, he said yes so here it is. Click on the picture, that is one interesting photo of a Black Widow spider. Stings and bites can cause serious health problems, so why get bit if you don’t have to? I would rather get stung by that scorpion than a bite from a Black or Brown Widow. But if you can prevent this then do it, right?

Don’t bring things down from the attic without wearing protection, same applies to the garage. Also just don’t take that box from attic into your house, open it in garage. If you see irregular webbing or it crackles then expect a widow spider. We have many things in Arizona that can cause problems, snakes, scorpions and blister beetles so play it safe – wear gloves.




Weather cooler, watch out for rodents

Weather may bring in the rodents mice and rats and other critters may be trying to gain access into your home. Just like any warm blooded animal, rodents want to be snug as a bug in a warm environment and that could be your home or attic. So I suggest that you take a look at the areas around your home that may be inviting to a critter, that doesn’t have to be a rodent exclusively. Pigeons, bats and even cats may try to get into your attics or crawlspaces and set up a home, so what can you do?

  1. Check your home quarterly inside and out and repair:
    1. Check weep screens.
    2. Check those louvers that allow your attic or crawlspace to breath.
    3. Caulk all holes or cracks that may allow access – remember mice can enter holes that are about the size of a dime and rats the size of a quarter.
    4. Here’s a biggie – think like a rat, how would you get in? I had a family of rats once that were coming in on telephone wires.
  2. When you bring down that stuff in the attic, open boxes either outside or in the garage oh and wear gloves as well. You don’t want any surprises jumping out of the box inside your home.
  3. Trim trees of your home, don’t allow vines to grow and attach.
    1. I suggest not planting plants to close to the house.
    2. If the trees did touch, make sure you repair and check the tiles.
  4. Read up on the enemy and become familiar with their habits. Always better to know more than you need to know, especially if you own a home.
    2. Remember ProBest Pest Management is just a phone call away, 480-831-9328 check out our home seal page and specialized foam treatments..

weather scorpion

What’s in your meter box or sprinkle system box?


Cockroaches, spiders, snakes – yep I’ve seen all of the stuff listed.



Does your pest control operator/technician treat your meter boxes, they should. I frequently see all kinds of bugs in these boxes and it may be just a matter of time before someone sticks their hand into the box and gets a nasty bite or sting. Special note – I sometimes will find honeybees deciding to make that box a h0me. Maybe big enough now but they will eventaully move but not before stinging or hurting someone. Bee Careful…

Scorpion versus Tarantula





This place is touted as a Dive Bar, I may have to check it out merely because of the title of the marquee. Not sure what is going on.

Rips Bar is a historic part of Phoenix Arizona’s past and future. One of the few “old school” establishments that is still standing even during this time of renewal in Phoenix.

What do you want to know by ProBest Pest Management!


Cockroaches are known to carry such diseases as polio, typhoid, gastroenteritis and hepatitis.

Africanized bees live in colonies with as many as 80,000 other bees; they are quick to get excited and attack in great swarms.

A scorpion can have up to 12 eyes.

Ladybugs aren’t really bugs at all, they’re beetles!

Insects are cold blooded and do not have lungs.


Should you have your baseboards treated monthly?


Many years ago we constantly sprayed inside and outside on a regular basis, times have changed. Baseboard spraying just isn’t the way of the time. These days with new and improved pesticides most pest can be controlled by a really good and through outside service. Now you noticed I said a really good service, particular attention is paid the place where bugs hide. If you can control them where they live or hangout then you have done the best job. Only occasionally do I see a bug on a baseboard and usually it is ants that are trailing and in this case baits work best. So spraying baseboards really isn’t going to help much, is it?



Scorpions are a real pest here in Arizona, monthly pest control is about the only thing that keeps them down. Get rid of the food source and you help to eliminate the scorpions.

Which is worse – bite of spider or sting of a scorpion?


I know you really want a straight up answer but nothing is ever so simple. It depends on the spider and scorpion: basic facts

  • Both are venomous, they inject venom.
  • Just like a bee sting – you could be allergic and die from just one bite or sting.
  • Emperor scorpions – the ones they sell in pet stores, if they stung you it would be like a bee sting – again unless you’re allergic.
  • Tarantula – even though they can be huge and scary, probably wouldn’t kill you. (Just for the record, if one got that close to me – that in itself could kill me).
  • As I said lets do a little comparison – Black Widow spider versus Bark Scorpion. On average, four people in the U.S. die every year from spider bites and none of those deaths are caused by black widow spiders.Symptoms include  five days of pain, muscle cramping, night sweats,  incoherence and unusual delirium. There was a case in Colorado in 2011 where someone was possibly bitten by a black widow 19 times and died, but the coronor ruled it natural causes.
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