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I thought I had seen it all, OMG check out the designer shoes. I know I’ll get a ton of comments but come on, ugly right? I’m not a woman, but just because I wouldn’t wear them, right? Here are some facts on birds (not shoes):

  • Pigeons are highly sociable animals.
  • Pigeons often mate for life, and generally raise 2 chicks at a time.
  • Some pigeons can live 15 years.
  • They can find their way home from 1300 hundred miles away
  • Did you know Dodo’s are related to Pigeons.
  • They can fly above 6000 feet and fly at speeds of 77 to 95  mph.
  • Their name derives from Latin meaning young chirping bird.
  • They are everywhere except Antarctica, the Artic and the Sahara Desert.
  • Here is Arizona they can breed all year round.
  • I still wouldn’t wear those shoes.

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I need to give credit to the shoe designer – When the Japanese Artist Keiko Ohata decided to befriend a group of pigeons, she knew exactly she had to do it: design & wear a pair of shoes that would look like real birds.


Do you know how bugs sneak into your home or business?

Bark scorpion entering a building under a door

Dawn H. Gouge, Ph. D. University of Arizona MAC Experiment Station

Given the space or lack thereof – bugs will make their way into your home or business. Pests have adapted to us, just look at German Roaches they will use exploit our weaknesses and hitch a ride home to our kitchens or businesses.  Bed Bugs are very much the same, they will hide in luggage or shoes and boom they are in our house ready to feed off any family member they can find.

Home-sealing is by far the best way to keep out those pests. Caulking, door sweeps and fixing screens are an excellent way to keep pests out. IPM or Integrated Pest Management is the way to think when it comes to protecting your family.

I suggest you wear your shoes!

I suggest you wear your shoes!


It’s dark outside and you need to run to the garage, so you ask yourself “Should I put on my shoes?” – The answer is an unequivocal – YES. Bark Scorpions pack a sting that could send you to the hospital and this whopper – Desert Hairy Scorpion will sting you but generally is not as bad as the Bark Scorpion.

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