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Signs of rodents

Signs of rodents

What do you look for with signs of rodents? Rodents are a big deal, no matter what you hear from people. They can carry diseases, they urinate and spread feces in inappropriate areas and can spread germs. Remember they helped facilitate  the spread of Bubonic Plague. So in my opinion no mice or rodents should ever be allowed in a home or business.

What should you do?

  1. Always do a check of your property.
  2. Seal any holes and check for anything unusual.
  3. Pick up fruit.
  4. Clear clutter.
  5. If you see anything unusual call a Pest professional like ProBest Pest Management 480-831-9328

We grow some big lizards out here in Arizona.


One of the highlights of my day is spotting a lizard and hoping that they won’t have an upset stomach from eating any bugs I may hit with a little pesticide. They help me by keeping pests infestations down by making dinner of crickets and the like. We have some pretty big ones, not in comparison to Komoto Dragons of course but hey big is big – depending on who is saying what. I know some people don’t like lizards but I think they are helpful in keeping down insects that might make it into your homes. So please don’t harm them, they are trying to help.

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