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Best Exterminator

Best Exterminator

Best Exterminator

There are bunches of Pest Control operators throughout Arizona, and constantly they are vying for the title of Best. What determines the Best? We were included in a few of those local things, but some are made up and just want to sell plaques etc. This blog has won a few over the years and technically speaking we have been blogging since 2009, now we blog every Monday. So let me tell you what I think makes a Best Exterminator or great pest company.

  • They return phone calls promptly.
  • Did they provide an estimate before they started?
  • I think you should also check them via social media, but again don’t believe everything you read. If they have 10 bad things and you see a trend then consider that.
  • Do they explain to your satisfaction, what they are going to do?
  • Do they stand behind their work?
  • Is the work satisfactory to you and does it look good, did they clean up after themselves?
  • Are they rated with the BBB or Chamber?
  • And drum roll please, would you recommend them?


I think we do a great job at all of the above, and yes we do make mistakes from time to time. But we correct, finish and stand behind the work we do.  Check us out and give us a call 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176

Facebook & blogging

Facebook & blogging

Facebook & blogging, is this the wave of the future in spreading the news? However you get your news, it is important to filter it. Don’t believe everything you hear, because most of it may not be real but FAKE news. The one thing I do know is bugs, many years of hearing about them and getting rid of them. How about a few stories? Do you spend hours on Facebook or blogging?

We did a bed bug service and the condo owner wanted all of the inside stuff thrown away, some was big so we threw it into the outside dumpsters. The temperature was well about 100 and we received a call that we couldn’t dump trash in dumpsters because the bedbugs would fly out and infest other condo unit. Bedbugs don’t fly…

I went to a new customer who insisted we treat every square inch of her house. At least 7 pretty good size dogs and the minute I stepped on carpet I said NO. The carpet was crunchy and I knew this just wasn’t something I was willing to do regularly.

Marketing Facebook Twitter and Social Media ProBest Pest Management

Marketing and Advertising

is something to really consider, money is the biggest factor in what you pay for is what you get, right? So it pays if you know something about social media aspects or you have to learn as you go. There is a difference between social media 1. marketing – communication between your company and the target audience 2. advertising is that form of marketing used my you to promote your service. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are the modes of how to get that message to your audience. A good slogan helps “Call A Pro… Call The Best. ProBest!

Remember a few of the good ones over the years: One of my favorites was that Norelco Christmas spot 1970 with Santa riding the shaver on snow, Coke and its “I’d like to buy the world a Coke”, the Milk commercial with milk on your upper lip. Can you name any of your favorites? Comment below!




What the hell is wrong with people?


So just the other day I wrote about frivolous lawsuits and this story is another of the absolute “what the hell is wrong with people stories” maybe with people going to hell for their acts? In my business we often have to dispatch things, the methods used are not always the nicest but I also don’t get a thrill out of just killing things. If given the chance I would rather move the critter to another location, we move snakes and critters, its not always their fault that they thought your home was a nice tree.

This FaceBook thing also has gotten out of hand, people are posting things that I really don’t want to see. My postings are relative to what I do and I don’t want to see some girl standing at a river throwing puppies in, I think God will get her back for that (Karma) sending her to Hell. “Chicago man tortured, killed rodents, posted the videos to Youtube.”

So again I ask, lets think before we post – the key word here is THINK please. I do realize that I may be somewhat hypothetical, I do kill things but I’m also not showing pictures of my work. I did an article awhile back on hunting and trapping – “Wildlife trapping” and I truly believe hunting and trapping is better for the animals then dieing a slow death from hunger or over population. But torture for torture sake of any living thing is wrong, again my opinion.

Hell Photo by Univar

Photo by Univar

Are you up for some fun & interesting books?

Infesting RodentsFeasting Bedbugsmitesticks

I want to thank Tosha for picking up some fantastic books that we can give as give-a-ways at our pest control/post office. They are a great read for ages 9+ and I think they help to spread the word about bugs in general.

Scurrying Cockroaches by Jon Eben Field

Feasting Bedbugs, Mites & Ticks by Carrie Gleason

Bloodsucking Lice & Fleas by Carrie Gleason

Infesting Rodents by Rachel Eagen

Published by Dalmatian Press, LLC


Bloodsucking Lice&FleasScurrying Cockroaches




Time for a change?


Is it time for a change with your Pest Control company, do they answer calls promptly and do they provide exceptional customer service? If they don’t I think it is time for a change. What should they provide you for pest control?

  • Well they should be able to get rid of the bugs. A few years back I just happened to be at a house for a termite inspection refinance and we got talking about bugs. She complained about American Cockroaches getting into the kitchen, as I did my inspection I brought along my bellows duster and just started dusting wall voids and the block wall voids. Surprise – the roaches came out in droves, they were everywhere. I took that account away from another pest company that day, just because I paid attention to her complaint.
  • Are they members of their local, state and national pest management association.  Arizona Professional Pest Organization (AZPPO), National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and are they QualityPro?
  • Does your Pest Company listen to you, do they answer your calls promptly and do they return calls promptly?
  • It’s the year of Social Media, do they have reviews from customers just like yourself?

Gilbert Arizona Pest Control

Gilbert Arizona Pest Control – Blog marketing – Social Media, ProBest Pest Management

 Yesterdays bug was the Arizona Brown Spider—–

I remember way back when – when the only options available for marketing was the phone book, OK maybe the newspaper as well. Some of this cost BIG bucks, I think I remember a large company way back in the early 1990’s paying about $12,000 a month. If you are a small business like ProBest Pest Management you know that this is something that is way out of the reach of most of us.

I also think that today we are able to reach out and actually talk to individuals by way of home seals, Twitter and Facebook. Most of these social media opportunities are free, well in a way you still have to spend the time to be involved and interact. My favorite is home sealing, I get to share what I know in a format hopefully enjoyed by the readers in a method available 24/7/365 and free. I can discuss what is happening in Arizona but might also affect someone in Georgia, case point West Nile Virus to the more recent invasion of Bed Bugs. I watched the Bed Bug invasion start in New York and spread across the U.S. at an alarming rate, travel/vacations all push the problem across the U.S.

I love that we can now get up-to-date emails and information at the speed of 4G, had to say that. You can subscribe to whatever you want, from Mommy home sealings to whatever hobby you may be interested in – and get that information when and where you want it – to your phone, Ipad or email boxes. So maybe it’s only the beginning of how we receive information and in what manner – so hang on tight……..

See, even Giraffe’s don’t like spiders….Hahahah

See, even Giraffe’s don’t like spiders….Hahahah

I couldn’t help but pass this along, I’m not awfully fond of spiders and just seeing this was funny. So we all have phobia’s – so we need to avoid those things or put up with them. Your choice. Read a previous home seal on Phobia’s and fears…

QR Codes – ProBest Pest Management and others…

QR Codes – ProBest Pest Management and others…

A few weeks ago Zacc Cooley (Six Chip Consulting) 480-225-3040 did a presentation at our little ANTS (A Network of Top Strategist) networking meeting on QR Codes. They are becoming quite the trend in getting your message out, they have them for vcards, email addresses, websites etc. Basically a QR Code is a bar-code on steroids. Here are a few made by a local company, they made the one for ProBest Pest Management as well!

BBB Systems is a local company right here in Phoenix, AZ and since they were so kind to create our QR Code I thought we would show off some of their other work.

     danelli_qr_code_2_12_13_2011     DemersQRcode     LaTorrettaQRcode     Print     WhitfillQRcode

So I thought we would have a Question and Answer about BBB Systems. We are going to be running a few get to know home seals about Local Businesses as well as some great information from a good friend of mine Mary Contreras on shopping local.

> Names of the owners? A: Ben Laurienti & Bryan Laurienti (brothers)

> Why did you get into this type of work? A: We saw that there were a lot of small businesses whose websites were in need of serious improvement. Ben happened to be a programmer and I (Bryan Laurienti) am a designer, so it was a logical move to make something out of it.

> What challenges do you face daily? A: We never lose sight of the bigger picture, which is to provide each unique client an equally unique product that gets them results. It’s a competitive business and that just motivates us to do the best we can and help our clients be successful. To do that, we have to constantly keep up with the latest technologies and industry standards and focus on producing a high-quality product.

> What makes your day? A: When a client calls to tell us they just received their first order from their new website. We’ve had clients cater in food to our office, give us tickets to events, and just a few weeks ago, one client gave us a plaque with “Vendor of the Year” engraved on it. When you think about the whole process of winning a client, developing their website, and ultimately launching the site, there’s a lot at stake for the client. Most of our clients are not tech-savvy, many of them have been burned in the past, and all of that makes them a little bit reluctant to get mixed up with yet another web development company. It’s a big leap of faith. But once they see their website in action and performing the way they’d always envisioned, they are very happy to tell us that they made a great decision. That always makes our day.

> What part of your work do you enjoy the most? A: On a serious note, designing, writing, and programming websites gives you insight you would never otherwise have into the inner workings a variety of industries. We’ve programmed shipping calculators for oil companies, dealt with data feeds from major MLS systems, and written content for every type of service company imaginable. You learn a lot building websites because you absolutely have to.

On a lighter note, when you sit in front of a computer screen most of the day, of course you can find entertainment online. But it’s always great to get away from your desk and have some fun with the rest of the team. Sometimes that involves the occasional Nerf gun battle, which is medically recommended for all of us to stay sane.

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