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Storage Units

Storage Units

Storage Units are for all our storage needs. People use them to store all sorts of stuff from furniture to stuffed animals. There can also be issues related with pests. These storage unit can be used by anyone to store anything. So by chance the next door person could bring in all types of bugs. From cockroaches to silverfish and anything in between. The ideal fix for this problem is to remind people that bugs travel. In my line of business I see a lot of bugs and I prepare for local bugs but I keep up with all the bugs in US.

A perfect example is Brown Recluse Spiders, from Texas north in a bell curve, not frequently seen in Arizona. We do have a Brown spider in Arizona related but not the same. Every time someone is bit, they claim it was a spider. Probably not, spiders prefer to leave you alone and only bite in response to being messed with.

The time to address pest needs is before they happen, there should be a rodent plan in place at your Storage Units. Rodents bring in snakes, the more rodent activity, the greater the chance of snakes. We do have rattlesnakes and they can do some damage if you are bitten. So being proactive is the key to keeping the rodent population in check. The newer the facility, may not have issues yet but keeping an eye out for your unit is beneficial. I’ve seen termites pop up in just a month, if some one brings in German Cockroaches they could soon be everywhere.

Where do Honeybees make their home?

Well almost anywhere!


probestpestmanagementphoto 1     probestpestmanagementphoto 2     probestpestmanagementphoto 3

These are meter boxes, usually they seek out areas that are hidden and away from people such as these closed meter boxes. I also always thought these boxes were to small, but I guess I would be wrong. Africanized Honeybees swarm 30% more often and maybe it has to do with space.

So bee careful out there, as they will make their home almost anywhere.

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