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Hoarding collecting

Hoarding collecting

Hoarding collecting, clutter, junk, trash or just way to much stuff. The problem with this is often the amount collected. To much often hides other issues like cockroaches and rodents. With filth comes secondary pest infestation, after cockroaches and rodents may come parasites and flies. If you know me at all, flies are the biggest yuck factor.

This disease is known as compulsive hoarding by excessive acquisition (collecting). And an inability or unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects that cover the living areas of the home and cause significant distress or impairment. I’ve only had to deal with once so far, a mobile home packed to the gills and impossible to actually get under control without a significant clean-up.

Hoarding collecting

Squirrel Intruder enters home

Squirrel gets in thru Doggie Door

Can you only imagine the terror, what would your dog do? Or for that matter what would your children do when they encounter the squirrel? Well I guess most of us don’t want to think about what that outcome could be. But it is something to think about, right?

So most of us don’t consider that doggie door and issue, I once had an unknown cat decide to come in and my dog did not care for this at all. I also had a pigeon come into my house via the chimney and it got soot everywhere until I could get it outside. Lets take special care to check on these things, maybe the flue got stuck or the plastic door piece needs replacing. Prevention is with a pound of cure and as always call ProBest if you need an opinion or cure. 480-831-9328 and thanks



Ever have that feeling that something was watching you?

Ever have that feeling that something was watching you?


It scares me to watch those TV shows where people put up with critters of all kinds on a daily basis. Its your home if something is out of the ordinary I think I would investigate and solve the problem. Now unless you have the Amityville home, just for the record a house says get out, I’m out of there. No whining, no excuses the door wouldn’t hit me on the way out. If you hear noises coming from the attic or crawlspace its time to either take care of it or call a Pest Management Professional.

I received a call this week and someone thought something was dead in their wall, probably a squirrel or a rodent. That noise or that smell will alert you to a potential problem.

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