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Weeds galore

OK so Weeds galore can be a real problem especially with HOA communities. Grasses can be an extra challenge as they will grow anywhere and are persistent in growth. There are two basic types of weeds grasses and broadleaf plants.

Now killing them or preventing them, which do you choose? Depends on how much work you want to put into it. Just a few weeds and you can use a hoe, shovel or you can just pull them. If you have a lot then you need some extra help, give ProBest Pest Management a call at 480-831-9328. The cure to lots of weeds is to have a Professional licensed company. Make sure they use a Post Emergent = kills the weeds present and a Pre-emergent = kills the seeds before they germinate. Now the only issue is large rocks – the pre-emergent needs to get to the soil. So you must water it in, it helps a lot.

Remember if you do it yourself. Always read and follow label directions exactly! Wear Personal Protective Equipment, better to Be Prepared than not!

Tricky termite treatments


Tricky termite treatments


Pavers, flagstone and tile always make a termite treatment more difficult. Sometimes it almost impossible, these pavers are in fact put in place with cement or sand.  It is possible to drill but it also is worrisome because you might crack the paver. It is essential to the treatment to get the termiticide to the area where the termites may try to get into the home.

I also run across built in cabinets and they pose another obstacle to getting the termiticide to that expansion joint. What other issues do you think we run across on our daily termite treatments and do you have any unusual obstructions at your home or business?

What do you know about Formosan Termites?

What do you know about Formosan Termites?   For example did you know, that they were probably transported into the U.S. from East Asian countries after World War II. The Formosan differs from native species in the fact they have huge colonies, maybe in the millions while Eastern Subterranean often have just a million and Arizona Western Subterranean often near 250,000. The East coast termites generally swarm in the Spring while the Western Sub species usually wait until monsoon to become more active. Formosans are just a little bit different in the fact that they are Subterranean but can bring mud up into a structure and live without going back to the ground. Our native termite in Arizona is not up to par with the Formosan in damage however it is still destructive and can cause significant damage if left alone. So what can you do to prevent Subterranean termites?

  • Don’t let them into your structure – a proper termiticide treatment will help with that. Since they live in the ground it is important to restrict them at ground level.
  • Stop the moisture especially around the foundation of your home.
  • Keep firewood stored above the ground and on some type of either rack or stone blocks.
  • Do not allow stucco to come in contact with stone or dirt, it blocks the view of your foundation.
  • Don’t allow wood to come in contact with soil, just another way for them to get into your home.
  • Last but not least an annual inspection by a Termite Company.


Damage from Pocket Gophers

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Damage from Pocket Gophers

Pocket gophers,  are burrowing rodents that get their name from the fur-lined, external cheek pouches, or pockets, they use for carrying food and nesting materials. Pocket gophers are well equipped for a digging, tunneling lifestyle with their powerfully built forequarters; large-clawed front paws; fine, short fur that doesn’t cake in wet soils; small eyes and ears; and highly sensitive facial whiskers that assist with moving about in the dark. In Arizona significant damage can be done to soccer fields and other areas we play, Pocket Gophers create holes where children can fall into and break ankle or wrist. A gopher’s lips also are unusually adapted for their lifestyle; they can close them behind their four large incisor teeth to keep dirt out of their mouths when using their teeth for digging.


What are they thinking?

What are they thinking?

It’ just not a good idea to stack anything up near the foundation of your home. This goes for stone & rock, mulch, firewood or for that matter anything that blocks the foundation from view. The reason that the stucco doesn’t go to the dirt is so you can see the foundation and spot any trouble before it happens.

Termites can sneak up the foundation wall and begin to eat your home very quickly, so please do those monthly inspections and we won’t be seeing you!

But we are always there if you need us ProBest Pest Management 480-831-9328

Before you replace the floor, treat for termites.

Before you replace the floor, treat for termites.  (Yesterdays answer on picture – magnified picture of wasp nest….)

So you decide its time to replace that old flooring in your home and as you take up the old floor you discover damage and concrete cracks. Now is the time to call your termite experts because and trust me on this one you don’t want to put down the floor and then discover you need it treated. This will destroy or at the very least make the new flooring look terrible. Here is some damage from termites and some water damage, I don’t know which came first but my guess is the termites.


Nothing worse in my mind than having to drill grout lines in stone tile, because no matter how good you are it will never look as good as new. So please take a moment and think it through, treat the concrete and then lay the new floor. It will save you money in the long run and more importantly the aggravation of knowing where those drill holes are. Because your mind will focus on those marks, trust me.

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