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Even the Bees get respect in Arizona!!

Even the Bees get respect in Arizona!! (Tonto Natural Bride, Payson, AZ)

Africanized bees get their name killer bees because they will viciously attack people and animals who unwittingly stray into their territory, often resulting in serious injury or death. They are similar in appearance to European Honeybees, the problem is that they respond with more numbers and often times will follow greater distances and that’s what get people into trouble.

As the weather is quite enjoyable these days and you decide to go out walking and the bees start bumping you it’s their way of telling you that you are in their territory. Stop, think and retreat.

If your thinking of hiking in the desert in Arizona, don’t wear perfume and don’t wear dark cloths.

If you notice a swarm on a tree, bush in your yard – the swarm will probably move on. If they don’t, call a Professional – Trust me on this one!!

If you see them going in and out of your home, call a Pest Management Professional.

Don’t panic if you see bees, they are important to life on our planet. We need them! If you are stung call 911 or Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222.

Wasps “Smarter than 5th Graders”

Wasps are they “Smarter than 5th Graders”

  Wasps Can Recognize Faces – A recent article from National Geographic News Brian Handwerk

Wasps can be nasty little flying stinging bugs. Their stingers can sting multiple time, no barbs. They also hand out in bushes, under eaves and places which may afford them some privacy but easy access to you and possible attacks. I even seen and had it happen to me where one blew into the car window and went down my shirt – stung a few times before I could pull over and get it out.

Have you ever thought that the bug was out to get you, have you thought to yourself I think that bug is watching me or making plans to attack me? Maybe it wasn’t to far from the truth, maybe the wasp recognized your face and remembered it. Any stories that relate to your opinion about the bugs that are out to get you!


Photo by PPMA

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