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Subterranean Shelter or mud tubes











Subterranean termites going up a small electrical wiring on the side of a home. I’m always amazed at how much they will go through to gain access into a structure. This is the time of the year to be on the lookout for termites here in Arizona.

Termites use these tunnels to gain access into your home both as a defense against ants and a way to keep moisture within their bodies. These tubes are often the first sign that you have termites.

I can spot those termite tubes from the street, can you?


Its a scary thing but I can spot termite tubes from the street and I’m always looking.



Stopped at stop sign and I noticed a termite shelter tube..


Closer shot of termite tube.

Termite action Arizona

After doing a little digging, the termites started falling out. Something I don’t see very often.

Western Termites




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