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O boy all that rain, over 2+ inches here in Arizona. Thanks to Hurricane Rosa. Unusual for that much water in a few days, and its flooding everywhere. All this brings the bugs out in force and I’m expecting termi8te activity to bump up quickly. What can you expect?

  • Termite activity – check your slab foundation outside and inside for tubes.
  • Increase activity on scorpions, water may push them in.
  • Just like above ants may wonder in to get away from water.
  • This tarantula below was under a French door (thanks Chas A.) he/she was seeking shelter.
  • This is termite season in Arizona, after the monsoons so as usual do a monthly check of your home.
  • Honeybees may be swarming as well


Dr Bug a man a mission, spreading facts bugs/reptiles.

Dr Bug wants to thank Ms. Kelli and Mr. Mike and all the young adults for a great session at the Chandler Environmental Education Center. They came from the Extended Family Disability Services, LLC in Chandler, AZ and supplied me some pictures of our time together. I wanted to share these pictures, I had such a great time. Not everyone enjoyed the snakes but hopefully they learned something about the bugs and reptiles.

I made some new friends today and I hope we can get together again for some Bug Zoo type activities.

Everyone is welcome to stop by the office, we have all kinds of critters and from time to time we change things around. Typically snakes, bearded dragon and a spider but we change it up.

ProBest Pest Management 425 W. Guadalupe Road #110, Gilbert, Arizona 85233 480-831-9328

Dr Bug

Dr Bug

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Beware the cave of death!


Beware the cave of death! Not really but it does hold the Arizone Bark Scorpions. It is fun to show off these little pests that can easily make it into homes and businesses.

One of the perks of my teaching or events that I attend is the fact that I have bugs and stuff to show off. That is a big draw for children of all ages, they all want to see the collection.

probestIMAG0965     probestpestmanagementIMAG0962

Scorpion versus Tarantula





This place is touted as a Dive Bar, I may have to check it out merely because of the title of the marquee. Not sure what is going on.

Rips Bar is a historic part of Phoenix Arizona’s past and future. One of the few “old school” establishments that is still standing even during this time of renewal in Phoenix.

It’s not always about the Scorpions, how about visiting Arizona? South Mountain, Phoenix, AZ

South Mountain, Phoenix, AZ

At more than 16,000 acres, South Mountain Park/Preserve is the largest municipal park in the country, according to the Trust for Public Land. It boasts 51 miles of primary trails for horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking for all ability levels. The history of South Mountain Park/Preserve as a city park dates back to 1924. Prominent local citizens, with the help of Sen. Carl Hayden, bought 13,000 acres from the federal government for $17,000. In 1935 the National Park Service developed a master plan for the park with riding and hiking trails, picnic areas and overlooks, all in rustic regional character. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) built many of the facilities in the park, based on this master plan.

One of my favorite things to do when I have guests coming into town is to pick them up from Sky Harbor airport and have lunch at the top of South Mountain. Lizards a plenty and sometimes tarantula’s and if your really lucky maybe some wildlife including ground squirrels.

Tarantula venom – maybe a new insecticide?


Last week on my way into work (38.5miles) I caught a story on tarantula venom being used as an possible insecticide. It appears that in Australia the dreaded tarantula has a protein within the venom  that can also kill prey insects that consume the venom orally. “Australian tarantula venom contains novel insecticide against agricultural pest

These and other insect pests reduce global crop yields by 10-14% annually and damage 9-20% of stored food crops, and several species are resistant to available insecticides.

Once again I mention that pesticides (by the way is this Organic or Green?) are important and essential to all manners of life on earth, so new ideas are very important. Opinions?


It’s not always about the Scorpions, how about visiting Arizona? Saguaro National Park

Saguaro National Park and Sonoran Desert Museum

probestpestmanagementDSC09980     probestpestmanagementDSC00011

On every trip to Tucson I love to take this tour, I meander through the Saguaro National Park and culminate the visit with a stop at the Desert Museum. Unlike any museum – it really is a zoo, it is a walk around experience. Tucson, Arizona is home to North America’s largest cacti. The giant saguaro is the universal symbol of the American west. These majestic plants, found only in a small portion of the United States, are protected by Saguaro National Park, to the east and west of the modern city of Tucson. Here you have a chance to see these enormous cacti, silhouetted by the beauty of a magnificent desert sunset.

This was the first place I ever witnessed a tarantula just walking around, he was out prowling for a female and was headed toward the gift shop. No he wasn’t interested in a souvenir, at least I don’t think so. They have exhibits of carpenter bees or solitary bees and several exhibits of insects inside.


Watch where you step while hiking…

Watch where you step while hiking…





My Beagle Lilly almost ran into this guy yesterday on our hike at Sears Kay Ruin in Cave Creek, Arizona. It is very important to be aware of everything while hiking. You never know when you may be attacked by bees or a spider may walk in front of you.

So be careful and enjoy your hike!


Spider Molting….

I was doing my teaching thing the other day at the Chandler Environmental Center and the kids really got excited about the molting process. I did my best to explain how we shed our skin and showed them the skin of a snake, so this video really shows how spiders really shed their skin. For those of us that have tarantula’s – it really is cool how they perform this task. So the next time you see a web, that spider that you think is just hanging out may not be a spider at all – just the old skin. Cockroaches, spiders and scorpions all molt their skin.

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