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Termite sign

Termite sign

Termite sign – Look no tubes at the bottom, but they are on the top of the shelving. This is a post tension home, so how did they do that? A little investigative work and what did I spy. No tubes outside, but there is a set of pipes at the washer/dryer. So it must be that, this one was a little easier than some.

You have to think about it, and make the best educated guess as to how they are getting in. Not always easy but the work must be done to stop them from getting in. Termites cause approximately $5 – 8 billion in damage each year so doing a monthly check for termite sign is important in keeping your home in tip top shape.

Wit’s end – you versus the termites.

At wit’s end – you versus the termites.

Are you at your wit’s end? So what happens when you have termites and the company you hire can’t solve the problem? Well nobody is perfect, there have been a few that were tough and I fought long and hard at solving the issues. But you just can’t give up. So what do you do?

#1. In my book work with the Termite Company, they probably don’t want to be back at your house either (I mean this in a good way). Seek out a manager or owner for their opinion or if you don’t think you are getting the best options – call another company for a consult. Bear in mind that this other company may tell you everything so that you will switch to their company, so be honest and upfront that you are seeking a 2nd opinion. Pay for their opinion especially if you are really only seeking that opinion, nobody likes to work for free.

#2. Keep all the paperwork together, keep records of all the treatments and photo’s if you took any.

#3. Sometimes the little things do matter, maybe it isn’t the fault of the termite company. Maybe after they did the work your slab shifted and developed a crack, if they only did a post treatment it clearly isn’t their fault.

#4 Remember these termites have been around for over 250 million years and they are very good at what they do. The inspector and company have to be equally as good in diagnosing the probable cause and effect.

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