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New pesticide training manual released.


Every day ProBest Pest Management uses its best efforts to use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) best management standards to prevent pests from gaining access into homes. There are some great sites to help every homeowner prevent bugs from getting into your family retreats. Recently Western Farm Press did an article on the great information

probestpestmanagementDSC06302  This picture is from a tenant who decided that the weeds and termites could be treated with used motor oil, it is illegal and could be dangerous. Before we did the termite treatment we removed the oil and disposed of it properly.

PLEASE — USE COMMON SENSE! If that oil seeped into our water system we all suffer.

Hazards, what hazards?


Hazards, what hazards?

Probably most service people will tell you it’s the dog that is the most potential of a problem. I don’t usually have issues with the pooches but occasionally one is out to get me. This last week it was a Chihuahua Dog, this dog thought it was a Pit bull. It stood its ground and just dared me to enter it’s yard, which I didn’t. My biggest scare was a Pit Bull, the owner put the dog into the garage and it decided it was coming through the window – it jumped onto a wooden bench and came flying through the open window. Almost got me and I was doing everything in my power to get out of that back yard. You probably heard that saying “NO one can hear you scream in space? Probably true cause I was yelling like a mad man, lucky for me I was carrying my measuring wheel. No bites in over 25 years – not bad! My biggest concern is hitting a electrical line while doing termite work….

So take care service people of the world…

Mosquito Proverb…

In my early years I became a Boy Scout and had the opportunity to become a member of the Order of the Arrow ( honored camper society) the beginning of this endeavor was to camp out alone (I was probably 13) all by yourself and the next day perform good works for the scout camp and stay silent. The mosquitoes were fierce and they wouldn’t leave me alone, so I can understand that proverb – I never did sleep! But I did pass my Ordeal and later received my Brotherhood and Vigil as a youth.

I often hear people say – if Noah had just not taken the mosquito or termite into the Ark, how different our planet would be?

Everything has it’s place and the mosquitoes are food for birds and the termites food for ants, such is life!

I say thank goodness for medicine, entrepreneurs and pest management professionals!

Face the Facts – technology is speeding ahead!

Face the Facts – technology is speeding ahead!


Scorpion Venom Heals Dru-Resistant bacteria Infection”

“The advancement of the arts, from year to year, taxes our credulity and seems to presage the arrival of that period when human improvement must end.” many people may believe that Henry J. Ellsworth Commissioner of the U.S. Patent Office who is sometimes quoted as having said: “Mankind,” he declared, “has already achieved all of which it is capable. There would be no more inventions requiring patents.” There is also debate that you might be thinking about a quote attributed to Charles H. Duell, US Patent Commissioner who, in 1899 said, “Everything that can be invented has been invented.”

I’m constantly impressed that we continue to forge ahead with advancements in science, from autism and now to the role of scorpion venom to fight bacteria.

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